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    Ansemm and the org.

    Ok, sorry, I agree then. The superior is the superior, and all this crud is confusing, so I'll wait...a little longer, even though it's been years, for the game to come out. I don't think any of us will be here discussing who was right, and who was wrong, when the game is finally here.
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    riku or sora

    Cute? Well, I like riku's character better than sora's. He's more.....curious about the world around him. He's a strong character.
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    Yeah this thread is called parents, didn't I mention my thoughts on them? You're right about the princess thing. It's just a theory, no need to get your panties in a bunch. You don't even know if you're right. So there's no point arguing on the subject. I'm sticking to my beliefs though, and...
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    And your post is relevant, why? Exactly. Anyway, the parents aren't really a big deal in the game. They're there, we know that.
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    Ansemm and the org.

    LOL! My bad. LOL! Omg....me dumb. Anyway, he looks like a normal guy to me.
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    Ansemm and the org.

    Dude, the EM is Diz.....................and he's not the leader.
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    They all live on the island across from the one they play on. That's why they have boats, god, you have to spell everything out for kids these days, don't you? Well anyway, it's most likely their parents are living on that island, and who cares about parents anyway? Kairi's parents, on the other...
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    Whos your fav orginaztion memeber?

    I'd have to say mine is Axel because he actually survives CoM. Oh and Riku too.
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    BHK's two partners...

    So wait. His partners haven't been shown yet? Is that what someone said? I just kinda skimmed through there. I'm thinking his partners could be those two guys. You know, the fat version of pacce from ffx, and that blond guy? Yeah, and the girl is most likely selphie's twilight version, and...
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    Do you think kingdomhearts 2 will be on xbox?

    X-box is crap. The graphics are....abhorrent, and there are no good games for it. Kingdom Hearts is a great game, so I don't see how it can be on x-box when all x-box games are crap.
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    Ansemm and the org.

    Yes, but if Ansem's shell is Diz, which it most-likely is because...c'mon...he looks exactly like him, then he can't be the Superior. There is evidence that he isn't the leader. So your theory on ansem's shell.....is....not reliable.
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    Do you think kingdomhearts 2 will be on xbox?

    I'm gonna have to agree on that. X-box does suck, and I don't think kh will be switching consoles, because square hasn't even made a game for the box ever.
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    In a slump

    So I have this guy friend in real life. We've been talking a lot on msn lately, but I actually met him my freshman year in high school, my friend asked him out for me then, but at the time, I didn't know him at all, so I turned him down. Junior year, I decided to patch things up, because I was a...
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    Sora's Connection to BHK

    I think a lot of ppl think this. It's logical, but thinking about it so much is enough to kill you.
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    Utada Hikaru Returns For KH2 Confirmed

    I hope it's not all cheesy like Simple and Clean. It was a good song, but.......cheesy...the lyrics didn't fit. Hikari is way better. They should have just left it.
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    Why the "Unknown" might not be Riku

    It's riku. I mean...come on....it's him.
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    I'm not really new, I was here before, but.....I haven't been here in so freaking long, I think it's time I make a comeback. I'm not giving away my identity though.....oh no...no...no...hehehehe! Well, c ya!