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    Found the trailer

    So i'm a little out of touch with my KH knowledge Seeing Braig means he has returned to his full body correct? (Since we defeated his nobody and presumably his heartless) This also means we'll probably see the other full bodied organization members :D
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    Was a patch for Kingdom Hearts AND 2 Final Mix ever released?

    I saw some threads on other forum sites of development on a KH2 Final Mix patch but later they vanished. Is there any working patch? or maybe one in development somewhere? What about the first final mix. I never see anything on the 1st final mix. Whats the situation on all this?
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    At least is a convenient acronym :D KH DDD lol
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    Re:coded Gameplay Trailer

    Re: Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded | trailer US (2011) Nintendo DS Aww dammit I read 3D in the title and got all excited :'(
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    Eurogamer Review of ReCoded [Hint: As good as Sonic before Colours]

    Why the hell is this troll even on a KH FANSITE FORUM. Get lost dude. Be freaking grateful we got Re:Coded. Sure the companies are doing this to make money, but for hard core KH fans, these are gifts as we wait to KH 3D and KH3. I hate people who bash Days. People are begging for KH3 so play...
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    Nintendo Event Thingy Starts tonight

    Wait so is there more to come besides that 5 second preview?
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    Kingdom Hearts 3DS Gameplay footage

    Why isn't anyone else concerned with localization *shudders*
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    Do we ever find out who the masked figure in the secret cave of destiny islands was?

    In KH1, i recently remembered that mysterious figure who had cryptic messages for Sora in the secret cave at the beginning of the game when you're collecting items for the raft. WHO WAS THAT? Thanks
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D's story "on par with main titles, will have shocking ending"

    I like the traitor theory but no one in our cast seems fit for the role. I guess Ansem but after that emotional speech in the BBS ending, I just can't see it. What if somehow Riku swaps his position with Aqua somehow. Maybe for Sora to get his training or her to show them show to truly save TV...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D's story "on par with main titles, will have shocking ending"

    Well theres one thing about 3DS that we're all sure about or any KH for that matter Its probably going to be released in Japan somewhere between March-July 2011 and in the U.S. December 2014 -.-
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    Donald and Goofy's role in KH3 and 3D?

    Well hey everybody, sorta new here in terms of posting. I hope this hasn't been done but i'm sure its been pondered. I was just watching Mickey's once and twice upon a christmas lol and it reminded me of Donald/Goofy KH and their future. Heres my question, do you guys want them to be by your...
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    Who should be Sora's master? Ventus or Aqua?

    lol kinda off topic but I love people who think they're so cool because they give one lined answers which are usually completely wrong and sometimes not even relevant that slyly insult parts of a long paragraph in a previous post.
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    About Castle Oblivion & OXIII

    Well Marluxia and Co. wanted to betray and take over the whole organization was my understanding
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    Kingdom Hearts Saga=100% until now

    Oh man i bow down to you. I have to ask you...where do you start? did you use a guide? I want to do all that too but i would need some sort of guide. Please help me. You inspired me to do this and i am very eager.
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    Best Final Mix Guide?

    Hello, I am about to start playing the original Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. I do not know which translation and an overall guide to use. i used to use electrospecter but he for the non final mix one. Can somebody link me to a final mix guide that puts in extras and side quests as you go along in...