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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Re: KH2 Final Mix + Secret Movie + Next CoM? But it feels soo good. It feels like its been so long since we had some real KH2 news. After playing KH2 and getting somewhat disappointed.... this seems like some real hope for KH. Let the onslaught of news begin!
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    Kingdom Hearts II Answers All Questions? NOT!

    They do. There's your proof. Too many (stupid) questions for me to answer...
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    ANOTHER STORY?! spoiler

    Four words: You have no proof. And since your name is Zexion, you should know. Even read his info in the game. It says he was destroyed. And if this is the past, it could be him, but I doubt it. Xehanort seems more probable to me, since there is no mention of Ienzo in the secret ending. I'm...
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    Confirmed Meaning Of The X in the O Symbol

    MMmmm... yea. If you ask me. Just look at the Namine's Sketches Item received when you see Namine in the mansion as Roxas. It is clearly a CROWN. But that's just what I believe. I don't quite know if the symbol there is a new symbol or the crown blocked. I just figured it meant light cuz sora...
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    Sig. Series 3rd Symbol (Not sure if old)

    Rofl. The real third symbol is in the item "Namine's Sketches".
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    afterthoughts ect......N/A version only!!!!!!!!

    Urrgghhh. I just realized it shipped today. After I spent an hour going to my EB Games. I'm stupid. Woot.
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    Roxas friends

    No. He doesn't get killed by Riku. He does have friends, although they are digital, but they are based on real people. And the rest of that doesnt make any sense.
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    What is this? Extra's in the NA edition

    Look at this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_version It's not a new idea, so stop complaining about Nomura. We're lucky we get the MGS International Versions anyway.
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    What is this? Extra's in the NA edition

    I haven't seen any clear alterations whatsoever. That is a battle that's in the game. (it does seem a little too close to the end to show in a commercial, but whatever) And there is no difference between the Riku/Roxas battle.
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    New KH2 US Extras! SPOILERS

    But if KH2 comes out here with a lot of extras, they will most likely make a Final Mix for Japan, which would probably include EVEN MORE extras than the NA/European release. In at least one Nomura interview, though, he DID say they might have it come out in NA too, if I'm not mistaken. YAY...
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    nomura intervew

    Totally true. And he also said that his next project won't be out for a few years. And that means a new KH will be out AFTER that. Advent Children may have been hinting at a CGI FFVIII or FFX movie, those being the second and third best Nomura games. It might even mean another FFVII game (most...
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    "Spoiler" Past Keyblade Wielders

    I really think that many of the Organization members' former/complete selves were involved in the keyblade wars of the past, but thats just my opinion ("Xehanort's memory" being my biggest reason). They have always said that KH would be Sora's story, but that doesnt mean that there can't be...
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    (humor) if sora died at the war scene

    OR: A new keyblade master would take sora's place. And that would be... Crazy DAVE HOOVER!!! Lol. Ppl that watch american idol will get it.
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    Possible KH movie?

    Let's start a petition, like those noobs that wanted a final mix in NA. Yesh, FFAC - style would be cool, but just like AC, it probably wouldn't make it to the theaters, so only those who were hardcore would buy it, leading to not-so-good sales, and they may not sell it due to that. Maybe if we...
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    KH2 Secret Ending from Ansem Report?

    A prequel would be cool, but Nomura's dreaded quote makes mine ears bleedith!! And your reference to "Yu-Gi-Oh!" makes me nauseous. I hate you. :)!
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    Question about Yuna, Rikku fairie summons

    They are not summons, and I'm pretty sure they turn good, since they give you a keyblade.
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    Does Any One Have any pics of Tifa

    Actually, that pic was originally thought to be fake, but once we found out that Tifa was in the game, I think it's status has changed. TIFA IS IN KH2.
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    From SE: New VA's; USA pics; Release date

    All the pics look like they've been given a (very odd) polishing, but they are old. OMG!!! It's E10+!!?? Aww crap I can't play it, cuz my mommy won't let me play games that are too violent for me. *Is reminded of actual age* Oh, yeah.... I can play it!! WEEEEE!! But that means I can't play EC...
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    Heres the some of English voice actors for KH2

    Well Roxas never smiles, and when he wears black and fights sora he seems pretty emo to me, but just my opinion.
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    Heres the some of English voice actors for KH2

    Didn't you read the EGM article? It said that there were schedule conflicts or something. And I ain't a noob, but Jesse McCartney doesn't seem like a very good Roxas. I always thought Roxas would be more emo, not gay.