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    Just Curious

    I wonder if anyone remembers me. I was never on this forum very much but, I was pretty big on ZenoGaming two years ago. There I was known as Miki. I don't know if any of those people still do forums. On Zeno's I was a Moderator and had lots of posts and was on the shoutbox a lot. Even had a...
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    Shouldn't kingdom hearts 2 be 3

    COM is not KH2 because it's not needed to understand the story. It helps in understanding the story but, is not necessary. A person could from playing KH1 to KH2 and understand what's going on.
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    Eureka Seven Episodes.

    Did all the Eureka Seven Episodes get deleted off of YouTube?
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    The Namine Topic 2.0

    Namine is good, but she just gets taken advantage of at first.
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    world terminus

    you know the part in the *world that never was in the world terminus where all the invisible heartless attack you in some kind of laboratory? whos laboratory is that? is it "ansem's" or whos? it seems like it would be "ansem's" but im not entirely sure. anyone know? *sorry i got my KH games...
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    sorry ppl really stupid question

    ok i feel like an idiot right now but im not sure if i got the secret ending or not *sigh* can someone tell me what it is supposed to look like and please dont flame me i know i am retarded:(
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

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    Why Marluxia turned against the Organization *JOKE*

    lol thats funny i was confused if marluxia was a girl for a while cuz of the flowers^_^
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    I just got CoM!!!

    for both parasite cage and captain hook jump a lot and make sure u always have cure cards
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    The Heart Shaped Moon

    it probly represents something... wat i dont kno
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    Kingdom Hearts II Stickers

    omg! thats awesome! i want KH2 stickers!!! why cant they have stuff like that here?
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    BHKs name revealed...(???)

    siru hm.. cool! cant wait till the game comes out!!
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    quick little question on Peter Pan

    ya cuz since nomura said there were not more surprise worlds he would put neverland in there because it was in kh so it wouldnt be a surprise cuz' it was already in one ps. sorry if that makes no sense
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    sora's clothes=AC?

    i think it was said in a interview that soras clothes are supposed to mean something i think thats wat is said atleast
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    new summons

    i think yuna and rikku sound awesome for summons!!!!!!! but i dont know about chicken little tho...
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    Kingdom hearts Com: Gold soul eater

    ooo! itd be cool having a gold soul eater! hm... i'll have to look into that
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    Something Funny :)

    lol i think thatd be kinda funny if they were related
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    I think that.....

    ya i think ur right on a lot of things but we'll never kno until kh2 comes out
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    Axel or Ansem?

    i think ansem hes seems like the bigger bad guy
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    New News.....

    i hope a lot of ff characters are in the game it brings more balance between the disney characters and the ff ones