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    help with switching keyblades

    Man your sig is like the utlimate spoiler.
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    Voice Actors

    Importing + Mod Chip = Win
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    Final Form

    I think you have to be level 99 to obtain it, and then you can choose to go into Final Form and you merge with Donald and Goofy
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    PASSION(ENGLISH) on Limewire

    Downloading now, see if it actually is Passion *EDIT* hmm...the one I got had an acoustic guitar at the start and didn't sound anything like Passion, what about your one?
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    Should I....

    Okay, so I'm thinking of importing the Jap version of the game, I can play Jap games on my PS2, and I can read Japanese (can't understand everything though, been doing Japanese for 3 years at school, so I can understand all Katakana, so menu's and magic shouldn't be too difficult) I just wanted...
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    Keyblades in Ending (Spoilers)

    Did anyone else notice that all the Keyblades (not counting the ones the Knights have) don't have Keychains on them o.O
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    A bit of info MASSIVE SPOILERS

    Re: A bit of info Nice find, but what does Visits will come to numerous worlds, one for Disney battles and allignments, and one for and Organization Battle mean?
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** Just one question have #1 and #13 of the Org. been confirmed yet, please just a yes, no answer please, I don't want to know, but I've only heard rumors about them and want to know if it's true or not.
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    Strange, but very suprising

    Ex-Soldier lol
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    BHK Gets Drafted?

    The song Roxas is #13 on the soundtrack. ROXAS IS #13 IN THE ORG.DUM, DUM, DUM!!!!!!!!!
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    7 Clips in 1 + Subtitles

    Really? I hadn't seen any other video of these clips with subs on, I know these aren't 'new' trailers, I just put them all in one etc. instead of clips 8 sec long etc.
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    7 Clips in 1 + Subtitles

    I got all of the 7 recent clips, put them all in one movie and put subtitles on them, hope you enjoy them :P http://files.filefront.com/KH2_Trailers_Subbedwmv/;4350893;;/fileinfo.html
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    Zexion Kh2 Confirmed!?!?!?

    Whoever it is, theres a voice in that scene and if it you turn it up loud and listen it sounds like it sais 'Riku wa ookii (ookii in japanese means big, or best, and that sentence basically means, Riku is big, or something, but I don't know why/who would say that) anyway, it really does sound...
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    Tron confirmed

    omfg tron - for the love of god no
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    what is...

    for the love of god no, tron doesn't belong in kh
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    Preorder kh2

    Same here I hated the battle system in COM, I just played it for the storyline, and I disliked the fact that the game was just visiting the old KH1 worlds and doing the same stuff
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    I think I found a 3rd Unknown in ASAS

    yeah now that I look back at it, it sorta does look like a statue lol, but still i dunno...
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    I think I found a 3rd Unknown in ASAS

    Ok i as just watching this the other day, and i *think* there is more then 2 Unknowns in it or Organization member, whatever u want to call them here is the link to the image. Also wanted to say that u probably just think that this guy is the duel wielder, but I dont think it is, because in ASAS...
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    Nothing to do with the thread but i just want to say that. RPGplaya u have good taste in anime :P (your sig)