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    Space Paranoids in BbS

    Im suspecting we'll be seeing this world again in Birth by Sleep here is my reasoning 1) In BbS, not only do we see the characters in Hollow Bastion but we also know that in Xemnas's secret room, we see Aqua's armour To me, this implies that something significant will happen in Hollow...
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    still confused

    My memory of the CoM plot for Reverse Rebirth is a little fuzzy but i dont understand why Axel would have Riku Replica kill Zexion T^T (plz pardon any obvious ignorance) can anyone explain this to me? i thought Zexion wasnt planning to take over the Org. like Larxene and Marluxia tried
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    Help Making the Power/Defense Ups

    go to the enemy locations and item drops thread on the top of the page where this section starts
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    Possible names for E.S.

    What if his name refers to fire? and the old man refer's to earth? Or vice-versa? and if they do refer to fire, what are they gonna use, pyro?
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    DDR music

    i hope this is the right place to post this thread so i'll start anyway does anyone know where i can download music from DDR? It's for my school and all i need is one song
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    Disney Day

    this is gonna sound weird but heres the situation my school is having a spirit week, where you have an excuse to dress up like a dork according to a theme on last day, it's "Disney Day" and the whole school gets to dress up like disney characters or wear (an) article(s) of clothing by a DIsney...
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    i dont know how to get it!!!

    in one of the worlds u either need to (A) use a treasure card in each world (B) use a Key to Rewards card world or (C) find all the Pooh characters eventually you'll find it
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    Atlantica and Halloween Town?

    well, i guess the costume for HT wouldnt be so complicated but since the Atlantica costume involves "swimming", it wolud've taken a lot of time and they couldnt waste time on something so pointless almost everyone liked the Halloween outfit so they just changed the look alone
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    Kurt Zisa

    i was slightly dissapointed but in the end, the fight itself was pretty fun since i summoned a character with their cutscene and the patterns Kurt Zisa fought with next time, i savin the game right before and makin a special file so i can fight him over and over again
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    Kurt Zisa

    ok, since i already beat the game, i decided to go 4 KZ after i already killed the Ice Titan and the Phantom i heard that he was really hard boss, so i prepared myself but once i went 2 fight it, the fight wasnt so hard was it supposed to be easy cuz it wasnt i expected it 2 b although the...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 - Easy Level Up

    ditto this trick was a lot faster than i thought my extra advice is to use magnega at the top 3-4 times while at the entrance from the top to the cave so once they're almost gone, u can leave and restart the whole thing and keep the volume low so the emergency sound doesnt bother you
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    What makes Reflect so usefull?

    r u kidding? Reflega was my most used spell it was both the ultimate attack and defense!
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    Other holidays in Halloweentown

    it was all part of the "take Disney stuff and use it 4 Square Enix" plan maybe those doors were just a gag or something to show they worked hard to resemble the Disney counterpart
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    Hayner, Pence, Olette!

    my theory is that he didnt know what was really going on and the only people he could truly trust were his friends, Hayner Pence, and Olette
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    KH Secret Santa!

    this game wasnt so successful in one place so im making a new thread each character has one person 2 give a present 2 the 1st is giving 2 the 2nd Sora-Riku Riku-Kairi Kairi-King Mickey King Mickey-Xemnas Roxas-Sora Axel-Roxas Namine-Axel Donald-Namine Goofy-Donald Demyx-Goofy Xaldin-Demyx(V)...
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    A KH Xmas

    as we all know, the holidays are practically here so i made a little thread where we put in classic xmas songs but w/ a KH remix here's my example(if u have a problem with a xmas theme, tell someone who cares) The 13 days of Xmas On the 1st day of Xmas, Xemnas gave to me (1) a naive kid with a...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 on X-Play

    ditto the worlds were practically the same just w/different style the worlds in KH1 each had their own differences Traverse Town-this was an important world according to the story/ it had FF characters Wonderland-the weird "bizzare room"s Olympus Colisiem-only two rooms but it had...
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    Princesses of Nobodies

    have any of u wondered what happened when the princesses of heart lost their hearts? that means they have nobodies since they were strong-hearted people who lost their hearts and dont say they dont have nobodies becuz Kairi has a nobody and she was also in absence of her heart in the same way...
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    Aang vs. Naruto

    as i watched naruto on youtube, i've noticed he's very similar to Aang from Avatar the last airbender it is becuz 1. they're both around 12 years old 2. they both tend to act imature 3. they're good guys 4. they're both good fighters in combat and use a lot of familiar attacks 5. they both have...
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    Coolest Anti-Form...

    im going with the halloweentown version cause Sora gets three eyes