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    Zexion's Weapon Discussion

    In KH:CoM i think Zexion took the data from vexan and created riku,am i right? sso that means these are real exact replicas matching the hero's powers.I hate to fight zexion at lvl 99.
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    Fanfiction ► Life in Twilight town

    Wow very good,I like the descriptions of each one of their personalitys.Keep up the good work.
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    Zexion's Weapon Discussion

    wow that was a spam^^^^ Anyways he can use his powers to create replicas.Like the riku replica
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    how long did it take you to beat Riku and Sora's game

    19 hrs with riku 90 hrs with sora As you can see riku's was short
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    have you beaten the game?

    I am on my 22 time defeating the game as sora
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    I hate zexion he didnt even fight as himself
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    Zexion's Weapon Discussion

    I sall a scan of him with the souleater so right now until proven he uses other weapons that is his weapon. So zexion fanboys and fangirls stop arguing and embrace the forums to discuss!
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    FF 12 RW news

    http://www.finalfantasytr.com/ff12/revenant-wings/01.jpg http://www.finalfantasytr.com/ff12/revenant-wings/02.jpg http://www.finalfantasytr.com/ff12/revenant-wings/03.jpg http://www.finalfantasytr.com/ff12/revenant-wings/04.jpg I hope these havn't been posted yet but here enjoy Feel free to...
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Did you just hear me? I said that he could have some connection with sora.he could be his brother,dad,or maybe he is the nights reincarnation.we dont know much before KH1.Remeber it could be anything.He has Sora's smile and eyes and hair color
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    http://www.khinsider.com/uporg514051.jpg Wow its been awhile is it just me or does that armor look like sora he might be him or related to sora
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    which member of the organization is hardest to beat besides Zemnus

    dont double post either,I personally had trouble with demyx on proud with the stupid water things but after i had hurt him enough i used valor form to get me out of trouble.Xaldin was easy i didnt know what to do so i died and mickey came out.Xigbar was really easy.Same with luxord.But it took...
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    item drop percentages and what world to go to

    Also goofy gets a strong sheild from the gamblers.
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    What should i choose

    I want a very fun and challangeing expereience should i choose proud mode. I beat Kh1 on expert with ease.
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    New Keyblades??

    rusty at posting but i am back bond of flame is the coolest or should i say hotest anyways yes there are new keyblades each one has a ability with it
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Strategy Guide

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 2 Strategy Guide (Spoilers) Xaldin which boss do you think was your favorite also i heard that most 13 order members have there own nobodys
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    reverse organization

    The story is that........ One day ansem was fusing humans with heartless They mutated and became Half-hearts Half hearts came together and became the 12 order Until one day ansem captured riku and fuse riku with himself and a heartless i only need 12 reverse and 6 heros reverse created heros...
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    worlds in KH2 (spoilers, i guess)

    mushu also is a summon that has his own world.
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    New keyblade

    Yeah i am a little double minded just for everybody to know i got this info from my brother who is known as Dasuku on this site.I want to play it so badly but i will wait until it comes to the US. Also that Rep thing was just something to get people pissed. I like messing with people's heads
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    New keyblade

    he got it after beating Hades in one of the tournaments in the underworld (the fourth cup I think) Also he lives with mom in japan.he is lucky to be with moms
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    New keyblade

    IT is called hidden dragon Props to my brother for taking pic. unfortunately he didnt tell me anything about its stats EDIT i dont have the final crest pic yet but i will soon thanks Xaldin for telling me it was the hidden dragon from mulan.