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  1. J

    Where to Download All Naruto Episodes?

    Where can you download all naruto episodes? Everywhere i go only shows like episode 149-151 or something like that.
  2. J

    Counter Strike

    Im ex-Cal-M. I could have been Cal-P but i quit CS. For people who want to know Cal P is the professional league.
  3. J

    What Age do You Think You got Mature

    At what age do you think you finally got mature (mind, not body)? I think i got mature this year.
  4. J


    Paintball rules. I just bought this today http://www.actionvillage.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/eCS/Store/en/-/USD/DisplayProductInformation-Start;sid=msN3HtgivJ93j5r3Xvy3ttKEP4PCwneN67Y=?ProductID=CjKsFAY75_UAAAD3okGlA_2t
  5. J

    Me Shootig my Paintball gun

    Well hers a vid. http://www.putfile.com/media.php?n=DSCN2776 Im shooting slow because im still getting used to the new trigger on it
  6. J

    Finally Beat KH Lol

    It isnt frozen. The part when it says The End goes on litteraly forever
  7. J

    at what level did you beat the game

    When i first beat the game COMPLETELY i was level 54. I beat all the secret bosses and the dalmations and that crap
  8. J


    Have you been in a fight before? If you have how did it start and how did it end and who won
  9. J

    kairi & ansom

    I thought that Kairi was Ansems daughter. If i remember correctly i remember Kairi as the princess of hallow bastion
  10. J

    whats chernabog

    damn. i cant remember this guy at all and ive beaten kh 5 times on normal and 2 times on expert
  11. J

    ice titan strategy

    stfu. you didnt need to make this thread. do you even go on the stairs so he cant do his like earthguake thing?
  12. J

    where is the one winged eagle

    how come this is in chain of memories forums then?
  13. J

    How long with a boss battle

    Ansem was easy. The only boss i had problems with was Clock Tower Phantom
  14. J

    How Much Allownace Do You Get?

    I get 50 bucks a month. What about you guys
  15. J


    How many of you guys have gone paintballing before? What gun do you have?
  16. J

    We Might Get Reset

    Well BBP called me and told me that he IMed TM and he said that if he cant find a bug well have to get reset
  17. J

    Got in Trouble At School

    Well in band me and my friend were saying that this girl had like bed fiestas with a spanish teacher. She was laughing the whole time. And then at the end we asked if she was offended and she said no. so the next day i didnt even suspect it but the principle called me in and had a talk with me...
  18. J

    Clarifying Doors and Keys

    Rikus heart was stronger but he became weaker than Sora when he gets the keyblade taken away. The light is kingdom hearts. im pretty sure im right on what i answered
  19. J

    Crab Claw Give-Away

    Im going to give away a crab claw for FREE. Choose a number 1-10 and if you get it right you win. Only ten people can join and you cannot choose the same number twice
  20. J

    Item Lucky Number Giveaway Thread

    Im am giving away a Fairy Harp this time. Choose a number 1-10 and if you get it right youll win. Only 10 people can join and you cant choose the same number twice