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    Heart, body and ?

    Idk i just listened to a song that said something that made me think about kingdom hearts. What really caught my attention was a part that said " align my heart, body and mind! Wat if those three things are what forms an actual being. Heartless are created by peoples hearts, nobodies are created...
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    How can Riku perform the MoM exam without a Keyblade?

    funny how paris has its own world.
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    Why Ansem SOD chose Riku

    I randomly thought why Ansem SOD seeked out Riku in kh1. Yea maybe it was because he accepted darkness, but what i also think is since ansem SOD is master xehanorts heartless, as will as terras, ansem maybe felt the connection and power that terra felt when he first met riku on destiny islands...
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    New KH 3D Scan

    since the first opening of kh1. i could tell by the look in rikus eye when he reached out his hand to grab sora's junk.
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    haha Yen Sid should be the final boss. Maybe he can still use a keyblade
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    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    I mean when KH3 finally comes out, there would be five titles in between 2 and 3. KHcoded KH358 KHBBS KhBBSV2 and Kh3d
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    Mysterious Figure. Another form of Xehanort.

    I put some thought to who might be the mysterious figure in KHBBS FM. I think it is a another form of xehanort that is more terra than xehanort, a good version. When fighting the MF u can see how he uses his swords to shoot out X's. Everyone know Xehanort is obsessed with X's (porn addict or...
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    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    Its funny because it took 5 kingdom hearts titles after kingdom hearts 2 to finally release kingdom hearts 3. After that they might come out with two more games explaining all the secrets in kingdom hearts 3. WTF
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    Xehanort, Xemnas in 3D showing torment?

    The way i look at is when u see the close up of xemnas in the trailer, u see the illusion of Ansem behind him. Same goes when it focuses on Ansem, u can see the illusion of xemnas behind him. Pretty much saying they might fight a form where there powers are combined or some bullshit.