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    About Terra's eyes, my theory

    Hello there, I'm glad you are reading this! Please note that I'm a fantasy-writer and this whole story is only my twisted imagination! So don't come with anything like 'prove this, prove that'... Nothing can be proved unless we know what the real story is! Okay, here we go! I don't know who it...
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    KH2 Final Mix theres hope!

    Yes! *does happy-dance* Thank you mate!
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    phrases in Birth by Sleep

    someone managed to translate some phrases in Birth by Sleep, and for every one who likes to make theories, these can be useful! Here they are: "Do not return to healing their pains." "Days after he is born are counted." "Are the days memorized?" "I do not want to forget after he is born." "With...
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    Hello Everybody!

    I'm new, so I'll introduce myself here! I'm AntennaGirl, a 15 years old anime, Sims and Final Fantasy-fan who discovered Kingdom Hearts two years ago. Today I read every single thing about KH and FF and I infected my sister and brother too. I like writing fanfics, normal fics and poems and...