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    Film ► Wonka (2023)

    Great film, what a pleasure as much for the story as for the eyes without forgetting the top performance. Mini Militia App Lock
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    TV ► One Piece (Netflix Live Action Adaptation)

    I wasn't expecting that but I really liked it. Tutuapp
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    Film ► The Super Mario Bros. Movie April 7th 2023

    Very good film, I had a good time! Tutuapp
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    TV ► One Piece (Netflix Live Action Adaptation)

    I really liked it and I didn't expect it to be successful!.
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    Film ► CatWoman, Black Adam, Morbius, and Venom... (Fun discussion)

    Personally, I'm not a fan of making the bad guys look like nice characters. Mini Militia App Lock
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    Film ► About The Alice in Wonderland remake... (Fun discussion)

    Is there going to be another alice in wonderland movie?
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    Film ► Scariest Movie from everyone’s childhoods?

    Exorcism traumatized me terribly when I was little.
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    Film ► A quick note about Disney remaking Hunchback of Notre Dame

    Personally I don't want Disney to make them less comical.
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    Politics Queen Elizabeth II died today, thoughts?

    I'm not depressed;) I'm simply saying that if we understand the fact that we all went to die no matter our position ,life will be much easier .:)
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    Anime/Manga ► Your Top 10 Anime?

    Death Note (Favorite but not best, regardless of some bad second half choices) FMAB (Best but only close to favorite) Steins Gate (My heart is in this one) Haikyuu (Motivation and Hype).
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    Politics Queen Elizabeth II died today, thoughts?

    One day we will all die, even if you are a princess, or a normal person poor or rich, old or young and we will be just a souvenir.