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    kh2 game off the net

    heres where you get it: 1)you rumage through your house for change 2)you use this change to go and BUY THE DAMN DISC!!!! |alternately| 1)ask your rich mumsy to buy the game for you 2)repay her with foot massages dont break the law, its not worth changing $50 into $2500
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    How hard is it on proud mode?

    proud mode = easy really...not to be showwy off or nothin, it just is. i got saved by mickey twice (to show my friends his moves) and beat the game at level 45 in 18 hours (this game takes about 15 hours if you skip ALL cutscenes, which is rediculous) so to sum it up, its really not that hard...
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    after kh2, for anybody who beat kh2, might have spoilers

    i already know what she looks like! nomura designed her already!!! she looks just like him, only a bit taller, and she has a few moles on her face and a gross black mustache:D
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    CoM =ing to next KH

    its not an exclusive club or nothing... its not like they ever said they'd turn a member away simply because that wannabe has the same weapon as a current member... anyway, i like the theory, im surprised this is the first time ive heard of it.
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    challenge for KH2 owners

    whoa! now that would be tough...and impossible because there are points in the game where you HAVE TO use some of those (agrabah on the carpet you MUST use magic to progress, etc.) and im not even sure that seph is beatable without the help of limits and reactions... anyway, everyone just get...
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    KH2 is #1 on the top ten list...

    yep yep! e3 = tommorow!!!!!!! pray your brain doesnt stop working once it witnesses all the greatness:D
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    final boss (kh2)

    ...not square just Triangle and X!!!!! as fast as you can! its pretty easy though ps. heres a hint: hold the controller losely, but have your right thumb have enough pressure to push down any button it touches, then with your left hand, move the controller up and down. its really simple, and...
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    Final Weapoh KH2

    ummm what was the question?:confused:
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    an anagram theory:

    1)Xemnas 2)Xigbar 3)Xaldin 4)Vexen 5)Lexaeus 6)Demyx 7)Luxord 8)Axel 9)Saix 10)Zexion 11)Marluxia 12)Larxene 13)Roxas ok they may be in the wrong order, but...who cares really. anyway, heres what i can see...theres only a few though 1) -X = Ansem 2)Xigbar 3)Xaldin 4)Vexen 5)Lexaeus 6)Demyx...
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    Summons in KH2

    Hehe, thats what they all say:p
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    KH2 final mix?

    that sounds dumb...they wouldnt just say theres going to be mushrooms....imagine it: BIG SE PRESS MEETING - "well, we are going to have mushrooms..." that would be gay
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    Honestly ,Did KH2 gave you all you wanted in a Game?

    of course it didnt give me everything i wanted in A GAME, but it was everything and more that i wanted from KH2. see where im going with this? there will never be a game that is the 1 game that has everything. thats what makes gaming interesting and fun (and expensive ;/) I loved it, but its...
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    kh2, too immature?

    id like to introduce Squall Leonheart, subject #1 who exibits the same superficial properties weve all been blabbin on about in this topic. its nice to know we've got one among us
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    kh2, too immature?

    Your friends not playing kh because its too immature is a way for them to dodge disney. PERIOD. they are the immature ones obviously if they are to superficial to pick up a great series only based on the fact of disney characters, which is where their stupid reason comes from. Most everyone...
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    Proof of the Third Symbol

    what fjurbanski said could be a possibility, mainly because some of the main characters of the latest final fantasies (which tie in and correspond with kh) have a symbol which represents them. 1)Squall - Griever Pendant 2)Tidus - Jecht J thingy these items tie in with the stories of the...
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    probably stupid but...

    speaking of bad fashion sense, has anyone else noticed that Nomura has some kind of realized fetish with zippers? most all the characters have a zipper or 20! even the enemies sport numerous zippers, some enemies even has body parts fully devoted to them...
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    Leveling up

    the tower has approx. 30 nobody's for you to kill each time you go down (or up i guess too ^_^) but if your a little too weak for it, you should start in the mansion, there are only a few less and they are a bit weaker as well.
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    Master Form Question

    very well said. next time mr. topic starter, dont start calling people stupid when your the one not only posing a question thats been asked countless times on these forums, and as such has the answer all over the place had you the thought to actually look first/ and also the one who has such...
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    ...its just 'bond of flame' *picky anyway, thats also what i chose ^_~
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    Infinite Experience

    yup- i did this trick the other day and went from level 58 to 99 in an hour and a half! after a while youll get so much magic power that just casting magnega is all youll need to do, and itll kill them, and if you equip everyone with jackpot, youll never run out of mp! P.S. - It is SOOOO easy...