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    hardest order member(spoiler maybe)

    to anyone who as fought some of the order members whos the hardest i would say either Saix or Xadlin.... Xibar was so easy easier than demyx but i havent fought xemnes yet so i dont no how hard he is
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    i hate

    i hate xibar voice its horrible he sounds like a little punk rock B***H but i like saix and axel voices and almost all the order members have ear pericing tell me what voices u like
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    i am a little worried bout beating kh2 to fast i mean i have been wating 2 and a half years for this game but at the rate i am goin at i will be done in a few days anyone else feel this way?
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    28th or 30th

    i will get mine thw 27 cuz my ebgames get shippments about 7:00 on the 27 they always sell there games out of the boxes
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    i dont understand

    i thought they were changing the rating of kh2 to teen but on kh2.co.uk they have atcuall pics of the box(front and back) the rating still says E10 in up
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    grandia III

    i was wondering do u ever get alnso and miranda back in ur party after u leave them
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    grandia 3

    i was just wordin do u ever get alanso and miranda back in ur party after u leave them
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    does anyone no if Tales of legendia worth getting it really hasnt got great reiviews if anyone has tell me what u think of it
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    tales of legendia

    if anyone has this game please tell me if its worth the i loved symphiona but the new one gotten much worse reivews
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    What are you most looking forward to do in KH2?

    driveing for the first time gonna be aswome
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    KH2 official site

    yea right before the release
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    About release dates

    yea next monh is the march issue and EGM has an eclusive intreview with normaru if the EGM staff is smart they will ask him the release datei f they dont i will soak my hands in baby powder and slap them
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    KH2 realese date? + scans

    this all the proof we have ! http://www.khinsider.com/news2/headlines/134454464.shtml keep in mind bluestreek that this date could be bumed up or push backed orginaly Kh2 was supposed to be out Fall 05 for the US trust me will know when its coming out for sure it will be all over the site most...
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    cant wait till kh2 U.S. release

    it hasnt been confirmed by SE when its coming out people r just guessing all we know is that its coming out in march
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    I know why it took so long.

    kh2 took so long cuz disney and SE could not come to an agreement dsiney kept wanting more money
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    Favorite Drive Form

    WTF no body likes master you can do some beastly moves in that form
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    Favorite Drive Form

    master cuz u fight with one keyblade abd control the other with magic
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    does anyone else think dragon quest 8 gets kinda if boring iam bout 30hrs in to it and i am so bored same thing over and over
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    Riku's blindfold and Roxas keyblades?

    i herd that riku has the blindfold cuz when ansem took over him the heartless infexted his eyes..........i think roxas has the keyblade cuz he is connected to sora the keyblade master
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    Can someone tell me who is Xehanort is?

    guess what voilent anger i dont give a s**t