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    Vent About KH2 Here!

    You think you get it badf? I live in central america, and the releases will probably be like two nonths after it goes out in the US...
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    Need Help With CoM Cosplay! ^_^

    It would be veeeery cool in leather.
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    Digimon Seiyuu in KH2...

    I allways thought Axel looked like reeno, so I guess that voice fits. As for the others I don't know.
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    KH: CoM Remake?

    They'll probably leave it for GBA. By the way, playing an emulated game without owning the original is illegal after 24 hours.
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    Namie and BHK

    But the Roxas theopry isn't comfirmed isn't it?
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    Secret Bosses?

    It would be cool to have secret bosses, other than Sephiroth, perhaps Vincent.
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    Namie and BHK

    I hope they don't come up with the great idea of making them brothers or something. that would just so very horribly suck.
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    where is deep jungle?

    Hmm... the world was kinda boring, although I loved the part in which you could fight a virtualy infinite quantity of monkey heartless!
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    KH2 fun question...

    I'd like to meet Cloud cause he's the best, and he could teach me Omnislash, and tell me how he keeps his hair that way, and Jack, cause...well...it's Jack, and Jack rules!
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    Thread of the Year: BHK's NAME IS NOT REVEALED.

    Re: BHK's NAME IS REVEALED. If I don't see the scan NOW I will torture you in a way I can only describe as depely macabre and horibly painfull...* takes out torture materials*... And besides, what kind of name is Chara? I'll kill you just 'cause the name sucks...
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    Very Important!!!

    I'd like to make an anouncement: () () This is Bunny. (o.0) I'm helping him on his way to world domination. (")(") You should help Bunny to!!
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    Destiny Island

    I hope it ll be in the bame too...it's such a great world...
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    is riku's soul eater a k blade or sword

    ...It is a sword...why do some people just post stupid things? Is it to get a higher post count or sumting??
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    Sephiroth Entrance

    Hey yeah, I hadn't noticed that but now that you say it...it's true! Probably a Square tradition, you know, like the fact that Konamy always poots small dumb details in their games (the Sailor moon-ish clothes in SH3, the Monkeymask in MGS 3) you know, that kind of little things that define the...
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    stupid gargouil boss devil thing

    Hah...well you can't even compare Sephirot with Chernabog. I mean, yeah, they are both cool and all, but sephi is waaay better than Chernabog.
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    we shall be one once again

    Hey...that's a great theory, and, it would explain why sora dresses black and BHK white: Sora was once the heartless, so he got a mark of darkness, and uses darker duds, but BHK was a nobody, so he has the same colours as they do, so he uses white clothes!! Great theory, niceley thought. I bet...
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    wat was donald saying?

    Maybe Donald is the real Bad Guy in kingdom hearts, and he saied that about the evil heartless they where creating in an underground lab to over run the worlds with a dadly army!!! Just kiding. Dunno, probably plutto, or maybe an egg they just had, or a whi not Daisy herself?
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    Sora and the Crown on the floor thing

    Hey, maybe instead of closing worlds you have to open them cuz...never mind, just a stupid theory coming up. Well..yeah, or maybe they will al be the same, and it's just another tipe of keyhole, or the keyhole lock animation changes from place to place now, ho knows!
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    original story RP

    Well...tis RP is based on a story I was starting to devellop but then I dropped it, since I began doing a better one... Plot: These are times of war. Battle rages over the lands. It is a large war, in wich Two princes battle each other through influence and manipulation to inherit the throne of...
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    I've seen it three times now, and evry time y wach it, it's better, what o you think about it? I mean, Special FX arent so great, and you can see it's a low budget movie, but the story is just so well done... I love it.