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    NEW TGS trailer info + new HB pic with an Org.Memb!!!

    Ah, that's a very interesting pic. HB looks a lot more darker.
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    Lion King World Officially In KH2 ( Scan )

    Exactly, also he would have trouble communicating with the animals.
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    Lion King World Officially In KH2 ( Scan )

    This will be very fun to play, playing with Sora has a lion will be very unique. And very different. He will probably be much faster has well. Yeah, fusion will probably be locked, but that's okay. His lion moves are probably enough. I don't understand why some don't like it and say it would...
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    favorite party member

    I feel it would be nice to have the BHK in your party. And also mickey in the SBW stage.
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    BHK both eye's glowed...could he be

    I think I see what you are talking about, but from my perpective. It looks like 3 yellow lights glaring off the BHk's hood. Or am I lookng in the wrong place?
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    cg graphics in kh2?

    I think that would look great. I also would like to see Goofy and Donald in CG. Sense they never got any of the CG in Kh1.
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    cg graphics in kh2?

    I think if there are 2 disks, there will be 3 CG animation scenes, and if just one disk probably just 2. :(
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    Something i saw in the trailer

    It may just be a long cut scene of the BHK's awakening. But he could be playable. My doubts come from the fact that in KH1 Sora is the only playable character, and having you play with an alternate character for maybe 2 fights seem a bit weird to me. Because BHK probably wouldn't level up...
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    does anybody know about the rating?

    I don't think Disney would mined a T rating. But I think it will most likely get a E or this E10+ everyone is talking about. heh
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    I must agree, I have thought about that a few times. When I first played KH1, I didn't even noticed the mother's voice. So I made the assumption that Sora, Riku, and Kairi were lost Kids. I would think Sora and Riku's parents would be worried sick about them. A whole year missing. And poor Kairi...
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    NEW information about Kingdom Hearts 2!

    I think the problem may be the language barrier between Sora and Simba. And also the rest of the characters in the movie. Because if I remember correctly, there were no humans in the Lion King, so it would be presumed that they were speaking in animal. Making that kinda hard to communicate with...
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    Beast And Sora Big Combo

    Ah, thank you. I've never noticed that. It almost seems like he is Fusing with Beast.
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    Do you think kingdomhearts 2 will be on xbox?

    Well from what I hear Square and Microsoft are starting a relationship. So KH1 may show up on XBOX. Maybe.
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    When did you first see Kh1?

    Unlike KH2, KH1 came out of nowhere to me. When it released, was when I first seen it. Wish it was the same for KH2 though. heh
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    What would you do if you found KH2 on the ground?

    I would make several copies, and sell it in an underground organizations. >_> <_< Just kidding:rolleyes: .I would just play it. heh
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    Passion - KH2 Theme Song

    I have a feeling people will be blown away by "Passion" in a good way.heh
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    Johnny Depp

    I feel he will do the voice for these little reasons: 1) The character really isn't really Jack Sparrow, it's Jack/Depp. So it would only be natural. heh 2) The game would probably help promote the upcoming POTC movies. 3) Unlike Sora, Donald, and Goofy's VAs, Mr. Depp would only have to...
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    sora is cheesy

    I think he would stay pretty great in SBW form.
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    Sora is actually two years older!

    It would be interesting if Sora celebrated his 16th birthday in KH2. Heh, just a thought.
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    New music of simple and clean

    I feel it was worth the download, I liked it. Not up to par with the original. But still very good. BTW: 8minutes