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  1. Z

    Is it just me........................?

    it's easy really Kairi is from Hallow Bastion because you see her talking to her grand mother and i would say that riku and sora are from that main island that you see in the Kh2 preview.
  2. Z

    I already want KH3

    I don't know why but for some reason I already want Kingdom hearts 3 to come out i feel liket that i already own KH2 and i wont even get KH2 for agers because i live in australia and we have to wait forever.
  3. Z

    do you get to go to all summon's worlds

    Kown you would even be able to sommon Behemoths and you can ride them and kill all the other heartless *Druling*
  4. Z


    Ha nice Riku and Micky scean, and how on earth do you know so much
  5. Z


    I wonder what will ahppen to Traverse town (sorry if I didn't sell it right) in KH2 I dont think that you will go there at all just leave it out thats what I would do if I were them.
  6. Z


    In the previews of KH2 it would seam that you can only have three different Key chains which is sort of strange but there is a up side on some things i've seen you can have to different Keyblades at once *sweet*
  7. Z

    If Winnie The Pooh Comes Back In Kh2 I Will Burn The Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I dont no I thougt that it was cool and he is so funny it sort of nice to go some where where there are no heartsless so you can just have a break.
  8. Z

    AHHHH! Ability Too Cool!

    Where have you seen this I would love to know so I could go there and I dont thinl that you would be able to fly every where.
  9. Z

    What about Sethroth

    I've want to no if Sethroth is going to be in KH2 because he really annoys the hell out of me.
  10. Z


    I wonder what the enimens will be like in kingdom hearts 2 at the Olimpas Colisem. I hope that there will be people from FF 10-2 that would be awsome.
  11. Z

    Why do you like Kingdom Hearts?

    I love kingdom hearts because ever since i was little i loved Disney so the i had to buy it. But when i started playing it the story just captervated me
  12. Z

    Let's hope

    Who is your fav chareter? mine is Goffey because he is just so funny with is silly laugh lol
  13. Z

    Let's hope

    Lets hope that in kingdom hearts 2 there will be better sommons than in the first because when you finish the game they are just a wast of MP. And i wish that square enix would hurry up and tell us a release date for kingdom hearts 2 it just really @#$%^& me.