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    Terra's "Magical Helmet"

    I agree,It's like we can see outside from the inside but we can't see inside from the outside:toungesmile:
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    Birth "BY" Sleep

    lol,I love this part. About the theory,If there's so many keyblader,why 3 new ones created when 3 of them "sleep"?
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    Leon?You made a hole here.Remember KH I,in hollow bastion riku said "You are just a delivery boy"to Sora That means Riku was the one picked by the keyblade.Maybe Leon was lying to Sora to make him gave leon the keyblade:toungesmile:
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Discussion

    Please Call it Master Xehanort/MX.Don't call him "Xehanort",there'll be a big mis-understanding here:toungesmile:
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    names in BBS

    That's because Namine was born from Sora's Body and Soul and Kairi's Heart(perhaps:toungesmile:)
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    Hello, I made Aqua´s gameplay-graphics

    Why not?It'll be fun to play as a bad guy
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    Omfg BBs!

    Just tell me the time. I'll know it
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    Omfg BBs!

    Oh well,I'll help you: YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 2 FM+: Secret Ending Tell me the time:toungesmile:
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    Omfg BBs!

    I got no idea which part are you talking about. A link would make it clearer
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    names in BBS

    Indeed,but nomura said that TAV is the only new character in bbs
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    names in BBS

    Wait.Wind,Earth,Water Those 3 are natural elements,I don't think fire is natural maybe something like thunder:toungesmile:
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Discussion

    MX=Master Xehanort UEM=UNofficial acronym forUnknown Elder Mage(Soon known as Master Xehanort):toungesmile:
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    The third Symbol

    all of them?cool! About the 3rd Symbol,some people said it look like a letter M and X in the BBS scan
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    What if?

    Maybe he'll taking Sora's place and fight Xemnas with Riku's help
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    Well,I've Heard many theories bout Terra+MX=Xehanort.BUt about Terra became a bad guy with malificent,that sounds new for me.....
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    What will happen?

    Hi guys,i'm new here!and I got a strange question: It has been said that we'll fight a new enemy in bbs (not heartless or nobody) and heartless born when somebody died,if he/she had a strong heart,a nobody will born So,what will happen in bbs when somebody died?(because there is no heartless...