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    Hi need Help!!!!!

    I was wondering if anyone here has Tales of the abyss!!!:frown: My game keeps freezing when I'm chasing Spinoza in the Albiore. I was thinking if anyone can download my save and bypass this scene in order to continue with the story. I would really appreciate if anyone can help. Just send me the...
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    Kairi work in progress

    Well it's been a while since Iv been here, anyways just a quick sketch of kairi be sure to check my sketch book to see the progression. http://navir.deviantart.com/art/Kairi-129617730# Send comment's, also i do know its not the best out their.
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    New KH info

    Looks like KH 358/2 has its own site now KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days Looks like it could be a 2008 title on a side note its a wonderful world is ready to be shipped to EU no word on US it goes by the name of the world ends with you now ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ OH and just so you...
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    Lost Magic Friend Code

    So dose any have it i would love to duel with you Mine is 232046103265
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    NEW KH Info

    Look like theirs going to be kh 358/2,kh birth by sleep, and kh coded in this years JUMP FEST 2008 ƒWƒƒƒ“ƒvƒtƒFƒXƒ^2008 | SQUARE ENIX SEE Also ING.com has added a artical IGN: Square Enix Unveils Jump Festa Lineup Looks like new kh video
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    NEW KH info

    IGN: Nomura Discusses Kingdom Hearts Has anyone seen this??? Some thing are old but some new:)
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    the intro and how he got there.

    I already Asked this question like 2 years ago and didn't get a response anyways what i didn't get was if the world walls were closed than sora couldn't get out of KH So the road that let him out of KH(where goofy and donald were waiting for sora when he said bye to kairi) we can suppose that...
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    For Those of you who dont know this of the theme song of KH2 and may i note that this is more for the fans or any one who dident know of this. YouTube - Santuary Special Message Read the Info.
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    KH3 Jobs!!!

    I want to make it clear that this is what i would like to see in kh3 and also that i do realize that i got the idea from final fantasy but so is everything in kh. That's the idea of kingdom hearts, is the mixture of final fantasy and Disney.
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    KH3 Jobs!!!

    So Ive been wondering would it be cool if they added jobs to the mix of kh3. You might be thinking that's going to get confusing but imagine this... The protagonist has the keyblade of light and as the story continues you obtain keychanes of past keybares,each with their own skills and magic...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3

    Hello not been here for a long time anyways dont know if any one has thought of this but before you just ignore it first here me out trust me Nomura has said before that the three people are not the gang but he never said that the unknown one is sora. He also said that it takes place in the...
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    can someone give me a update for the last month and i did try to search through to see but just too much i barly found out that passions is santuary so is their a full version....... thanks:)
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    What is kh2 rated?

    ??????????what the title says^ E +10 T
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    its sounds so sad this might hint a sad ending to kh2 at the end when its just the musical it might be ment for the credaits
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    Editions to US/Europe Version

    i dident know that do you have any pics
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    Passion (secret messege)

    Ok I know that every body is freaking out about the reverse part but come on and there is a part that it says "my fears my lies" but come on people. Has it ever popped into your brain that the reason for this is becouse the major theme of the game is more mysticl and dark.Thats why they put in...
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    English lyric line of Passion maybe revealed

    its passions it makes more sence also i dident hear affection