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    Which worlds do you NOT want in KH3D?

    -Atlantis -Halloween town (they've sucked it dry) -Tron -Port Royal
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    If Kingdom Hearts II was entirely Roxas' game

    IT couldve been pretty awesome that way, Sora couldve been in the chamber half the game. and Roxas could slowly learn more about his existence, eventually searching and finding Sora and Friends to help kill ORG13. something like that, it wouldve involved org13 more which would be nice, and...
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    In CoM which org member took the longest

    Leaxaues took me the longest i think.
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    What's Wrong with Pridelands?

    You didnt like Land of Dragons, that was an amazing addition IMO. I hope PrideLands in KH3 (i think it will return) It a lot brighter and green, Thats what we are used to.
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    Ultima Weapon?

    Crap, that Six Boss level is gonna be hell. Same goes for Xion.
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    Ultima Weapon?

    ..........Crap Does that mean i need three sigils for each challenge?
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    Otona Fami interview with Jun Kato

    Thanks for posting this. Not much of interest though.
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    What's Wrong with Pridelands?

    It was decent, i ussually rushed through it a bit, i didnt like the controls, or the atmosphere. It was a lot of back and forth, going to the same areas or and over again before showing you a new area. Thye ability to use deives wouldnt have made the world more interesting, i mean you would be...
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    Ideal optional boss(es) for KH3?

    ............I know, you saying that just made me think of it.
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    Ideal optional boss(es) for KH3?

    EVE, from parasite eve, that would rock. but, i doubt that would ever happen.
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    NA demo

    I could see a demo maybe, but not a post launch demo. I doubt it.
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    Ideal optional boss(es) for KH3?

    -Riku -Mickey -Axel/Lea -Terra, Ven, And Aqua (Because Sora is that pro)
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    So now what do you think of BBS coming to USA?

    It annoys me, why couldn't they just do it the first time. There probably gonna be FM now, which is totally mixed feelings IMO.
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    BBS Disney Villains?

    Maleficient was one of the big main villians in KH1, she was actually pretty evil IMO, she kidnapped the POHs and half opened the hollow bastion keyhole, if sora wasnt there i think she would've tooken over the unverse. though she shouldve of even been in KH2, she had no purpose, and was...
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    Maybe Xigbar just had a bigger connection with Ven, were Axel didnt as much, so he saw it as something else.
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    Drive Forms

    Valor/Wisdom- World that never was: Alley to in-between (i think thats the name): the city before you anter the castle, there are many Shadows Final- World That Never Was: The one room in the castle it has a bunch of Dusks and creepers. (the room right before the ?hall of remembrance?, the...
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    Help/Support ► Do you think it's fair?

    IMO, you got to it first, therefore you deserve it, its a game, games are intended to include competition. I would take something for myself if I knew i had the chance, if it helped me to advance further, why not right? Your trying to do better than your friends so does it not make sense to...
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    How does BBS rank with the other Kingdom Hearts games

    This is based on the fact that ive never play it. But this is hpw i think it will go in terms of best to worst. 1. being best. 1.KH2/KH2FM 2.KH1/KH1FM 3.Days 4.Bbs 5.Re:Com/COM Its really hard to say, i had a very fun time with Days, and for me days has alot of Playability, Bbs wont have...
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    Xion bluntly shown in KH2 - albeit retcon

    I looked at this picture after playing days, and Dont think its Xion IMO its showing Axel and Roxas leaving the organization, Not Xion and Riku. Though you never know, I have no problem saying its Xion and Riku, at this point it makes perfect sense. But dont you think that if Xion, or the...
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    who had the worst possible outcome in bbs?

    I have to go with Terra, Aqua atleast has her body/Heart, someone with her. She is stuck in the realm, but atleast shes alive. Terra is sorta just forced to sit in a Body he has no control over. I can see how you could say Aqua had to fight Terranort, but also Terra was forced to feel/watch...