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    BBC show VideoGaiden starts Shenmue 3 campaign to demand asnwers

    The BBC show VideoGaiden is reporting on their website that in the coming weeks they are going to begin an aggressive campaign to demand Shenmue 3 from Sega. They seem to be communicating the idea that because they're part of BBC, a major force in the media, they will be able to get real answers...
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    Question about Zexion

    We don't KNOW it's not him. Nomura just said they were new characters. When I think of Zexion I think of both Zexion, the Nobody, and Ienzo, the person/heartless. Now, if when you say it's not Zexion, you mean ONLY Zexion the Nobody, then, yes, you're absolutely correct. Ienzo is a new...
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    So does that mean?...

    A release in America hasn't been confirmed or denied, but Nomura has said that he would like to bring it to America. It has DEFINITELY been confirmed for Japan though. I hope it comes to America so I can play Chain of Memories. I never owned a GBA, so I never got to play the game.
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    Zexion's Weapon Discussion

    I thought it might be a Keyblade at first too, but then I thought about and realized how it wouldn't make much sense. Think about it. Roxas's role in the Organzation was the "Key to Destiny" because he could use a keyblade and collect hearts for Kingdom Hearts. If Zexion had a keyblade, there...
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    The "New Rumor" More likley for kh2:fm

    He could mean Memory's Skscrapper, although that wouldn't make too much sense to me. It wasn't really a room, either. It was just an area outside with a large skyscrapper.