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    Kairi Is How Much Old?

    you know i have never seen what nomura looks like... i should check out sometime! maybe you may be right who knows? subconscious leaking through brushstrokesXD;;;
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    Which KH2 character would u date or go out with?

    *sigh* only wishing they were real *another sighh*
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    Kairi Is How Much Old?

    well that is a very reasonable arguement that kingdom 2917 is suggesting.. and that is what i witnessed as i was growing up so i will stand behind that too=3 boys tend to grow up more in their late teens whereas girl usually gorn up more in their early teens... i think that makes sense?.. lol^^...
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    whats your fav drive?

    i love the antiform... so cute and besides the ribbons are cuteXD and he is fastXD
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    favorite part character/limit attack

    i love trinity^^
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    hidden cheat

    naaah i was excited if it was true^^; well though luck maybe another time we will get a real secrey move or strategy
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    hidden cheat

    which one? the first visit or the second one? i didnt know that its pretty cool!
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    yet another kh3 theory^^; --may contain spoilers--

    lol i saw everyone posting their so i thought maybe you could bear up with me while i tell you about my idea:3 i am sure a lot of people got this theory before me so if that is the case please do forgive me. i know it is futile to just go on talking about possibilities, but it is always fun to...
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    grim reaper!:(

    hehe yes after a few trials and a few magic tricks it was possible to beat him:3 loool am i over-levelled??? that's a first for me yayXD i really wanted to finish the game with the max lvl this time so maybe it will work out!:3
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    Pick 3 KH2 people you would marry.

    eheh roxas, roxas roxasXD lool well that aside my top 3 would be: roxas, sora, axel probably^^
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    high quality kh2 pictures

    omg you rock! how i can thank you enough???? those are really what i have been looking for! o,O i am forever so grateful<3
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    What was your saddest part in KH2? (Possible spoilers)

    i think the ending was sad... but well i am pretyy much sure that is just me lol^^
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    Doesn't Aerith's voice suck in KH2

    well her voice sounded a little creepy to me too. she was saying every word as if they would never endXD after some point i wanted to skip the scene beucz of that but well... i dont know some people may have liked it that way too?<3
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    high quality kh2 pictures

    ah thank you for all those replies^^ and thnx for the suggestion fede thats sweet of you^^ i will come to you when i need help with the music for sure then^^ well with google or yahoo i end up with small low res pics.. maybe i need to trype in something different other than kingdom hearts 2 or...
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    high quality kh2 pictures

    i had a feeling it might.. and then i saw the discussion about kh2 music here so i thought maybe i should better post here. if it belongs in graphics i apologize^^,
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    high quality kh2 pictures

    hi there! i was wondering where to get high quality kh2 pictures from fmv's and likewise... all the pics i find are very low in quality:( i would reappy appreciate some help.. i hope i am posting in the right section^^;; thnx beforehands^^ love daph~~
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    grim reaper!:(

    yayy thnx so much passed it^^ i guess i was tired after playing for so long to get stuck by such a small fishXD or maybe i am not levelled up enough? i was at about level 43 when i fought it i think.. or something around it?
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    grim reaper!:(

    hi there! well this si absic for most of you i guess but it is diriving me crazy! i cant beat it! i use magic to get the coins and collect them put them back.. when it has 0 coins i strike him but he always seems to run my hp down before i can get the next batch of coins from him! it is...
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    Lip Syncing: A big factor in KH2's delay

    *laughs, falling onto the floor* yes i bet he would be! glad square enix does not include any vacuumingXD
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    KH2 Keyblade **SPOILER**

    omg thank you for posting!^^ i love bond of flame^^