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    The Little Mermaid Musical

    I thought doing the musicals was funny. It was something different, and yet it was a little fun to watch. :P
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    Did anyone else hate the Pride Lands?

    I know I didn't like the Pride Lands, I hate for Sora to be that small, and you really can't do anything in that form. So I hope they don't bring it back.
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    Confused about Roxas and Namine (Dont read if you have not beat KH2 or 1

    The powers of Sora didn't happen in the first Kingdom Hearts when all them were made, it was made it the Chain of Memories, which of course Sora doesn't remember. And you are right about the heartless deal, but Namine was special, she is different, just like Ansem the Wise said, she wasn't born...
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    Sora & Kairi reunite

    It seems like everyone wants to see them kiss. I admit I know I am waiting on it too. You just know it is going to happen.
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    What was the worst thing that happen to you in KH2

    The worse thing that happened to me was.... I was playing on Proud mode in Hollow Bastion after the last visit you do, and I was leveling up my forms and one of those spike thing killed me! I was like what the crap! That is the first time a heartless has ever killed me.
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    i wanna know.....

    I thought he look pretty cool in it as well.
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    I heard something about the mirrors. But I never remembered where they were. I have to look the next time I play.
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    KH2's Dumbest Quotes.

    My life is like a chip in a pie time to ann up -Setizer or whatever his name is. He says something like that before you fight him, I always found that annoying.
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    KH2FM+ Trailer Subbed+Translated

    Awesome I was waiting for somebody to do this for us! :D
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    How many of you have beaten....

    I think I got owned by that all the time. But I have beaten him though.
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    I always hated when you had to go against the Riku Replica. Especially the last one, that one got on my nerves!
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    have you beaten the game?

    I really don't get how you guys can beat this game some many times. I can't play this game for more then 10 minutes any more. I guess I am not to good at it or something who knows.
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    Kurt Zisa

    I actually defeated in on my second try. I think I got lucky though. It has been a while since I played so can't really remember. But the phantom that one did take me a while until I understood what to do with it. Stop the clock attack it with what ever the color the crystal was and then go and...
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    the Kingdom Hearts 2 Challenge

    I have never tried that before. I don't think it is really possible seeing that once you get the the 6th day it is hard to make him go around and around the town. I have only gotten up to level 8 or so. But I have cheated with AR and had him up at 99 and the beginning with most of Sora's...
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    New Scans / Interview

    I couldn't tell what you were talking about with the whole Riku thing. Until I saved it and zoomed in more. :P But that is a pretty cool find there. Thanks for sharing. And I think Larxene is in the she is right about Roxas. The ones that are not shown are Luxord, Xaldin, and Saix. If you look...
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    Question to all of you

    I was wondering have you guys signed the petition to help bring Final Mix over to the Us yet. I thought I would ask before I posted up the link. And if you guys have just let know and then someone can lock this topic.
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    have you beaten the game?

    I haven't beaten this game once yet! I made it to the final door and I didn't have the right blue card to open it. I was so mad! I went though all that crap and I can't finish the game. I started a new one but I haven't try to play it, that game just really gets under my skin after a while. That...
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    Zantetkusen and eeyore's tail

    Oh wow I thought I was way off. :P
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    What level do you need to be on to beat Xemas

    The first time that I went against him I waited till I was level 99 then went and beat him like that. And try using your Power, Magic, and Defense boosts on yourself as well. And I say by time you get to the final one in the white room, keep your health above HALF, because if you get to low...
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    KH2 soundtrack had been released

    That is what I thought. I wished they would have gave us a English version. It is weird to hear those songs in another language.