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    Blonde Unkown people unknowns where hoods Namine doesn't the Blondie is Larxene my fav and the blue haired one is either Saix or Zexion
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    I need help with Orichalcum+

    In the guide to get the ultima weapon it only gives you 6 places of where you get Orichalcum+ does anyone know where the last 7 are or do they expect you to get your moogle level so high that you get S-ingredients cut in half?
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    I need a hug....

    WOW that really sucks but at least you geyt a new one tonight.
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    What should i do?

    It shouldn't.
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    Why God, Why???? >:-(

    I don't get mine 'till 2:00 where i lives *hating mom for not bringing it on her lunch break*
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    A line in Sanctuary?

    I thought it was another backwards thing cause everyone thought "wonk ouy naht noitceffa deen I" was Japanese too.
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    Sanctuary ~After the Battle~?

    We should have by no later than tomorrow if it comes out today it will probably be around like 2:00 or 3:00 or later.
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    What about Tomorrow?

    It shall take over ma life weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!11
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    LE cover

    Well it's inside a case so you don't see the cover and there is not a more rare cover their just covers and I got the Valor form cover but I wanted Wisdom.
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    I got my LE guide on Sunday and Yeah he is the blind guy but that was just concept art that wasn't the official stuff.
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    how far are you

    I didn't get it because the shipment wasn't delivered to Best Buy so I am very sad because my mom said I was gonna get it TODAY.
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    A whole bunch of voice actors

    Siru is NOT his name It's SORA
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    anyone no the real

    You can go to Wikipedia but I don't think they have them all yet.
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    Would ya look at that..

    The people who buy this are retards who think they're gamers but really only win because they cheat their @$$ off.
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    Poll:Who would win, valor, wisdom, or regular form?

    Wisdom would win because 1. The better manuverability 2. You fight better from long ranges 3. Shooting will keep your opponent from getting close and 4. It looks AWESOME!^_^
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    Best Buy Kingdom Hearts II Ad.. ( Large image )

    it does come out on Wednesday for Best Buy I know because my mom works there so Actually unless it has to come out on the 29th i can get it on the 28th. For Best Buy it also says the Strat. Guide is available the day it comes out also.
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    It's not Silver It's White and it's called Final Form Valor is red Wisdom is blue and it wasn't orange it's yellow and that's Master form
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    KH2 Strategy Guide

    it comes with an Art book A fold out and some extra pages of watevr
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    (SPOILER) US Kingdom Hearts 2 Atlantica gameplay

    thats cool i really thought it would suck like hell and now i finally know what they were saiying in "Part of Your World"
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    hidden boss's

    bosses is spelt like so and !!KUJA!! wee or Vegnagun from FF-X2 and there won't be any cuz nomura said so.T_T