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    The keyblade, and sora's necklace

    alright i don't know if anybody knew this and i probably sound like an idiot but did anyone notice Sora's necklace fits into the end of the keyblade! as in at the blade part
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    Listen I have the L.E. guide and I have KH2, but when I look through it, right now in the the game I just beat the first visit to space paranoids. now I am worried the game will be too short. what do I do? should I delete my original data and start a new one on proud mode, or should I continue...
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    Limited edition strategy guide

    I was wondering if Kingdom hearts 2 ultamania is the limited edition strategy guide. If it is could you tell me.
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    Roxas's friend

    What is her name? http://kh2.co.uk/image.php?view=kh2/artwork/art81.png
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    Kairi and the keyblade

    can somebody give me the link for the video where Kairi gets a keyblade from riku/ansem and she runs off and starts salshin heartless! :D
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    Mtv sanctuary commercial

    the kingdom hearts 2 mtv sanctuary commercial, I really hope that wasen't Utada Hikarus voice singing that because it sounded really bad :p
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    Dissapointed!!!! Majorly!

    well yes I expect them to kiss, they love eachother, and there is kissing in disney stuff, so there should be in this
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    Dissapointed!!!! Majorly!

    I know I already made a thread about it but I just saw the full ending to KH2 and Kairi and Sora, all they did was shake hands..... NO KISS!!!!! I thought there was more romance in the first one. They hugged, but in KH2 NO KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad: :mad:
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    Official release date

    Listen this information is true.... KINGDOM HEARTS 2 U.S.: March 2nd!
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    Do you believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!(spoilers) maybe..

    omg...... the order member that probablly had the glowing eye and was the guy who helped you in kh:com, it was Roxas!!!! :eek: :eek: the proof is on KHI.
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    **SPOILERS** Prequal?

    well this is a spoiler..... maybe when Sora pulls the oathkeeper keychain out then I think he runs up to her and gives it to her and they hug and then look at eachother and kiss...
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    **SPOILERS** Prequal?

    well i felt bad that kairi and sora didn't kiss, then maybe they do because it was edited!
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    **SPOILERS** Prequal?

    wait.... the ending people have seen is cut?! :confused:
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    this.... can't be true! I saw the ending to KH2, and Sora and Kairi don't kiss!!!!!! I was hoping they would.
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    Bring Sora drive form pics plz

    can somebody give me the pictures that they have on KHU only bigger and better quality?
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    I really need help....

    Alright, well there was this girl, and we became friends for a little bit, (because we both love anime) then I told her I liked her and she just stopped talking to me from their and it's been about 2-3 months... and i can't stand it! i really need advice on how to get her to be my friend again...
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    this makes no sense!

    alright now this is what makes no sense.... How did malificent come back! same with ansem!!! they both died and in the first game! then if the XIII order brought them back what would they need them for? then what about Riku and Mickey?! what is up with them. Oh! and don't flame, I am just...
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    Did you here in the new trailer from passion, Utada says in english "my arts of battle ground" :confused:
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    BHK theory

    If you guys look at BHK's necklace, it is the dusk symbol so maybe all the order members are arter him because he might have had something to do with the order. :confused:
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    Does anybody notice that Kairi and Sora meet again!!!!!:eek: i know they would meet but still