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    Terra | Xehanort (Spoilers)

    What I gather from some of the BBS videos that have gone up recently is that Master Xehanort's heart resides in Terra's body, while Terra's heart resides in his armor. The Xehanort the appeared in Radiant Garden and eventually led to its downfall, the exile of Ansem the Wise and the creation...
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    [BBS]Dearly Beloved here

    They're all great reprisals of a beautiful theme
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    Favorite Organization Member

    I don't count Roxas or Axel as true Organization members. they were characters all on their own (and rarely did anything ro the Org). Also, most of the Organization members are soooo boring. They lack any type of persoanlity (probably cause they lack hearts lol) or style. I have to say Zexion...
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    Hades Paradox Cup

    Uhh . . . How do you have 100 Strength and lose? (oh yeah, Strength doesn't win this battle)My stats were in the 70s Strangth 71 Magic 69 Defense 73 On Proud mode as well Want some tips? Ditch Fenrir, that weapon is lame (brute stregnth is worthless here). Replace it with Ultima Weapon (you...
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    wut was in the letter mickey gave sora

    Actually, what did Mickey's first letter say at the end of Kingdom Hearts? It was never revealed, and I don't think it really ever needs to be, just like the letter at the end of Kingdom Hearts 2. I don't think it has any signifigant meaning to any future story.
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    missing ability

    I too thought I recalled "an off the wall" tactic/ability in one of the trailers. However, it's none too surprising if it was in a trailer and not in the finished product. Stuff like that happens quite a bit.
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    English Vs. Japanese kh2 theme songs

    Passion was a bit better than the Sanctuary, which as another poster mentioned, didn't seem to have as good a flow to it. It, to me, felt a little forced in some areas. However, I also feel that Passion/Sanctuary was not a good a theme song as Hikari/Simple and Clean. The first theme song also...
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    Fenrir Vs. Ultima

    Fenrir is too unbalanced for any serious fighting. It's lack of magical abilities as well as a rather useless ability equiped to the weapon, Fenrir is there just for show. Plus, what's 1 point of Strength anyways? Just synthesize a Power-Up.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Deleted Scenes?!???

    Things change even during the process of making the game, so it's really not surprising that some of these things were altered/deleted. Tetsuya Nomura even said that he felt Square-Enix let too much information out too soon. Some of these scenes may have even been conceptual/promotional scenes...
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    Proud Mode is Impossible!!!

    Proud mode is kind of . . . really easy. Witht eh exception of Xaldin (which was a strategy error on my part when I faced him) I had little trouble with anything.
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    Stitch is awesome. I use him all the time. He deflects attacks from hitting you, as well as other neat little things. Is he more effective than having Donald and Goofy (or another teammate) on the field? I can't say for sure. However, Stitch is just a cool little alien that's fun to watch.
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    SPOILER perhaps

    Yeah, this has been confirmed as mistranslations/typos when the wrote the Secret Ansem Reports in English. Things like this happen time to time.
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    Blindfolded Riku

    Yeah, it was mostly metaphorical (and to some degree stylisitic). It's basically been explained in other posts, and if you still don't understand it, it's not really all that important to the major plot so don't worry.
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    How do I beat Sephorith?

    Maybe it's been said already, as I can't read every little detail, but - THE REFLECTAGA SPELL OWNS SEPHIROTH I've literally taken over a full bar of health from him with the correct timing.
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    What Did you like better from the first?

    The story line was handled much better in the first game. The Disney worlds didn't interefer with the story at all, so it was blended much better. Kingdom Hearts 2 had too many unimporant worlds that focused to heavily on sub-plots. Also, the level design was bland, and boring. The first game...
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    So Sora isn't in the sequel of KH2?

    I hope it's all new characters. That's all I'm going to add to this. Nomura stated that the 3 Knights are also new characters. He's named them, and has an idea of what they'll look like, but has said little else.
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    It's entirely possible for the other Organization members to have existences that are purely of the heart, similar to that of Xehanort. However, they lack bodies, much the way Xehanort did. They would have to find their original body (or another vessel) to aquire a physical form. This is why...
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    Secret Ending: What's he standing on?

    It is my interpretation, that the first Knight shown, has just defeated something. It seems to be a large creature and it dissapears the same way an Heartless or Nobody would had they been defeated. I see that as being the most likeliest case, however it could very well be anything.
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    Secret Ending

    These are the five phrases that appear when the mysterious individual arrives before the three Knights. Xehanort's True Memories Master of Keyblade Chasers The Lost Two Keyblade War