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    Most hated Organization Member

    The whole thing about Larxene beinga real jerk and depressing every one and enjoying it I find attartive. The reason I hate Vexen is HIS LAUGH IN CoM but in the remake his laugh was AWESOME Zexion sucks cause he goth and my brothers goth so yeah Saix sucks cause well I dont know I just dont...
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion (I hate it when you have to catch up with a thread cause your a n00b) There are two things that make me happy bout this game: I) YOUR NOT SORA YAY II) Xaldin = pwnage
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    Most hated Organization Member

    IS IT: a) Xemnas b) Xigbar c) Xaldin d) Vexen e) Lexaeus f) Zexion g) Saix (How ever you pronucne it) h) Axel i) Demyx j) Luxord k) Marluxia l) Larxene m) Roxas So yeah i didnt put the new one up cause WE DONT THEM GASP but Yeah I would make this a poll but they confuse me unless...
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    Fanfiction ► Fexdault Files I

    Hola, YEAH IM NEW BUT I CAN WRITE READ I COMMAND YOU TOO (ITS FUNNY) Fexdault Attack of the Ooccas!!!! PROLOG Once many eons ago the Gods created the world along with many others they created each at the same time so there leaders would not look down on younger worlds. But one world was made...
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    Hola, I'm DEL33T I'm new (I suck at intros) Im in to writing, being random and playing KH (But I do like Wii games better) Im AUSTRALIAN YAY Im failing English due to spelling so please bear with me Im learning. As you can tell by my name I can speak L33T I would just like to ask if it is...