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    Explain these three's importance.

    I have heard alot about Terra, Aqua, and Ven but I haven't been on in while so can someone please tell me who they are WITHOUT jumping down my throat.
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    okay, i know this has probably been brought up before but I havn't been on here for a while. It is alot easier posting a thread than looking in the hundreds, though. So here it goes. If the knights were once the holders of the Keyblades and the Keyblades are in a sense "alive" (because they...
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    Zexion's Weapon Discussion

    Zexion might very well have a mirror of metal or so to replicate the weapons, with special abilities. But he must have a weapon seeing how Nomura said his "weapon was a spoiler". Well that just clicked so....
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    Answer me this about the Keyblades!

    Do the keyblades really 'control' Light, Dark, and Twilight? For if I remember right, there are many keyblades in the secret trailer of KH2. Also there are 4 keyblades as of right now: Kairi, Sora, Mickey, and Riku. But, Kairi might have the keyblade of Density. So what do I make of it...
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    How did you react when you first heard Aerith´s voice in KH2?

    Re: How did you react when you first heard Aerith´s voice in KH2? I think Cid's voice was veyr good for him, but hey i live in arkansas
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    How did you react when you first heard Aerith´s voice in KH2?

    Re: How did you react when you first heard Aerith´s voice in KH2? I don't no, but i was like "Die!!!!!!!" to whoever made aerith, sephiroth, and all the other gone voice talents!!!! :cry:
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    Here is how it works: 1. Any Human and/or Animal has a body, heart, and soul. A heart can be taken away and a heartless be born from that. 2. If a Human and/or Animal loses it's heart what happens to the body and soul? They turn to a nobody. 3. The heart gives boundaries to a being, that...
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    UnOfficial create-a-KH3-character thread

    Tell some of your ideas. Please format like so. Make one up, or put a ff character with a twist in there. Name Physical Description Special Skills How they are in the story and who they are connected to.
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    Is there gonna be a final mix

    Does anyone know if there is gonna be a final mix for KH2(?), because it is so flippin awesome and would be the pure essence of awesomeness if a final mix came out. Or would it be a final mix since it this would have been the second mix they have done?:o
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    Drive is weird!

    why the heck does sora turn into a heartless like thing when he goes up against a boss in drive form sometimes? confusion hurts!:( !
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    The world that never was glitch

    that is so flippin' awesome. at school we have a mixed race person and she is freakin awesome and she can take jokes O yeah
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    Girl Voiceovers!!

    I just want to ask you all this, do the girls in kh2 all sound the same to you? Aerith sounds like a dull version of Yuffie and Rikku. Tifa is like Aerith but just a little more authentic. And no I am not saying that kh2 is bad (cause it is the essence of freakin' awesomeness).
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    Doesn't Dark Thorn?

    Doesn't dark thorn (the 3rd beast's castle boss) look like dark ifrit from FFX-2! I haven't gotton far into the game though so pleaz tell if there are aeon looking heartless besides that.
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    Which FF Keyblade?

    Gots a question for ye, if there was another keyblade derived from FF, which character do you want it to come from?:p
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    KH2 price

    I hate you! and I have to wait for the price to go down.:p
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    I think these are all the FFers

    All the Confirmed FF characters in KH2: Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth, Yuffie, Aerith, Moogles, Paine, Yuna, Rikku, Auron, Seifer, Leon, Anyone else?
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    Does Kairi Have -No Spoilers In Titles-

    I know Roxas, Mickey, Riku, and Sora have a keyblade and I have heard rumor that Kairi has one, but is it true??????
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    Will sythisis still be around?

    Will synthisis still be around in KH2 or what? And if so, will keyblades be creatable?
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    spells of kh2?

    Do you think that magnet will be usable on bosses like Guard Armor and such? And on that note, will the KH bosses appear in KH2?
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    What world would be best in the future games?

    Which world would be best, Gosh?