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    Winnie the Freakin' Pooh

    yah, i dont take it as a bad world, just to childish but it ads more fun, humor to kingdom hearts 2 so, i dont mind if pooh is back, just that modify the minigames on it. thats all ps:can an1 help me doing a signature, i cant and i love all the sigs of he other people, just help me...
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    Quick Question on the "How"

    nope, only there are three crossroads, the one to light the one to dawn and the one to kingdom hearts(dark)
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    happy kingdom hearts COM day!! everybody

    woooooooooooho kh:com it been so long since it was out lets celebrate(i bring the chapane)
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    who does BHK drie with?????????

    yeah it depends in which companions he has because it could be stitch and transforming with him......... kool
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    bhk where ??

    I Think That First Like Riku Hero Of The Dark Said You L Play In The First Time In Those Worlds But When You End The Game Sora And Bhk Meet And Bhk Would Join The Gang And Then You Can Play Like Bot Sora And Bhk Only A Theory Dont Blame Me, Pleasssssssssse
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    sora's forms

    what three drives there only two: valor and wisdom forms
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    Purple thing

    Can You Show Me A Pic?? Is To Discuss It
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    There Are No Pictures!! What He Wants Is To Look An Excuse From Finding Them!!! Sorry Im Never Rude But These Things Piss Me Off And If You Have Them Great, But I Still Think That You Are Saying Bullshit
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    New Artwork!!!

    i still think that it is bhk bedroom but ir you look at the right theirs a hanger (or something like that) and there is a coat like the ones of the unknowns, those that mean that bhk IS in the organization/order?? who knows, well have to play the game to know it
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    It Would Be Cool But Then He Would Turn Into A Triton In Atlantica And Into A Spooky Character In Halloween Town And All Of Those Worlds And Why He Would Go To Those Worlds??
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    Riku isn't the Blindfolded Unknown (Possibly)

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    Riku isn't the Blindfolded Unknown (Possibly)

    Nomura Once Told That One Of The Unknowns Is Riku So It Couldnt Be The 2 Keyblade Wielder Because He Doesnt Has The Two Types Of Keyblades That The 2 Keyblade Wielder Has And That Takes Me That Bhk Has The Same Two Keyblades So The 2 Keyblade Wielder= Bhk And The One That Is Left Is Riku So...
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    15 Comfirmed World!!!!!

    And Anastasia(i Dont Know The Name In English) Robin Hood,black Cauldron, The Sword In The Stone Are All Rumored Worlds That Doesnt Mean That They Cant Be In Kingdom Hearts 2 But I Still Doubt Of Their Appeariance And How Do Nomura Know About The Black Cauldron??
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    15 Comfirmed World!!!!!

    What Would Be Very Interesting Is That 101 Dalmatians Be In Kingdom Hearts To And Like In The Lion King World, You Would Transform Into A Cute Little Dalmatian Puppy
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    15 Comfirmed World!!!!!

    Wtf Is Fox And The Hound???
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    15 Comfirmed World!!!!!

    What Can You Do In Lilo And Sticth?huuuuuuuuuuumm You Can Surf You Can Ride In The The Jomba`s Car, You Can Fly In The Ship Of Stitch, You Can Dance Hula-hula And A Lot More Is That You Dont Observe Like That
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    In my opinon, I think the Lion King world is going to be lame.

    i dont care about a secundaries plot what i care is that sora and the gang can fight cool, do reaction commands that are cool, co-op moves that are cool and that the protagonist of that movie does a great plot in the world nothing more it could be the form that sora holds the keyblade but it can...
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    only 16 worlds???

    i think nomura wants to be it a surprise, if i was him i would definetely do what he is doing know, showing up some info but not revealing all!! maybe i think that the 101 dalmatians would be a perfect movie and world that fits in kingdom hearts except of the partner, id also would like that...
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    Lion Sora

    goofy will stand up and piss the floor up and make like an earthquake, donald will fly vewry high and the fall very fast making a whirlwind and attaking all the heartlees that are flying and sora will roll up lots of time evading the heartless and when the heartless attack he evades it and the...
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    sora and kairi (kh2)

    or it could end in sora and kairi together........... who knows ?