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    Two New KHII Play Arts Figurines

    Found on HEARTSTATION.org. [Link to original article] Looks like two new KHII Play Arts figures will be released - King Mickey and Santa Sora. They look great (although unpainted), but I can't help but sense the blatant Sora favoritism among the figurine designers. Eight versions of one...
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    Riku in 358/2 days??

    He seems to have a rather 'active, yet behind-the-scenes' role in this game, much like in previous games. Though he doesn't have a 'major' role as far as cutscene appearances, he is the cause of major game events. So I would say he's pretty important.
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    Who has played Days?

    I imported a copy, and beat it about a week later. It's a lot of fun. =) Even better than I was expecting.
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    After Roxas Is Captured In Days...

    I never said I hoped/thought it wouldn't be in the game - I'd absolutely love for it to be. I'm just curious on how they could cover a full 358 days for Riku, when we've already seen what happened to him during at least part of it. =/
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    After Roxas Is Captured In Days...

    Yeah, it's pretty obvious there was a huge gap in Riku's story. What I mean is how could they give him a full 358 days without going back into CoM/KHII territory (with Roxas's days starting before CoM).
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    After Roxas Is Captured In Days...

    I'd like to share something I've been thinking about for a bit: If the title symbolifies the telling of two people's stories over the course of 358 days, and Riku is one of those people, wouldn't that work out a bit awkwardly? We know Roxas's 358 days start when he joins the Organization, which...
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    Everything We Know About 358/2 Days | Xion So Far

    On the topic of R/R: This may seem a bit trivial or unimportant, but remember how in CoM/Re:CoM the title screen started off with Sora, and once you beat the game an illustration of Riku was shown for R/R? From what was shown in a gameplay video, the main menu will have the cover illustration on...
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    Days in Nintendo Power! New world inside?

    Re: Days in Nintendo Power! Wow, it's already released? Awesome... Maybe some stores will have it. I was already planning on going to the store soon to pick up another magazine; if this one's there I'll get it and try to get some pics up.
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    New 358/2 Days Screens?

    Re: New 358/2 Days Scans? Sorry, I wasn't sure. Like I said, I hadn't seen them around here, and I was posting them to check...
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    New 358/2 Days Screens?

    Gamekyo : Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days : new screenshots I haven't seen these posted on here, and a few appear to be new. Some show Xaldin and Luxord in battle, and some show various menus. Please forgive me if they have already been seen. (Credit for finding goes to GameFAQs's message boards.)...
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    Two Years Already...

    ...Wow. I signed up on here two years ago today... Time flies. Most of you probably have no idea who I am. I haven't really been an active poster, as you can tell, but I do read the forums quite a bit. I signed up to take part in KHI's 3rd AMV Worm way back when. (I also participated in #4.) So...
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    First Images from Nintendo Dreams Sixteen Page KH Spread.

    'Critical' would be my guess. Maybe it's the chance the character has at achieving critical hits? I'll have to look at the picture again... And Olivia got her copy already? Sweet! I figured it would take longer.
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    First Images from Nintendo Dreams Sixteen Page KH Spread.

    A bit after 10 A.M. in Japan. It's not JUST schoolkids that buy the magazine, I'm guessing... =/
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    Who are you going to play in 358/2 Days

    I'll probably play with Zexion the most, depending on how his battle techniques end up working. I'll try out Marluxia too, for the heck of it. Who doesn't want to play as a pink-haired scythe weilder? It might be a good idea to look at the stats and fighting styles of the different characters...
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    First Images from Nintendo Dreams Sixteen Page KH Spread.

    It's almost 6 A.M. on the 22nd in Japan right now. Hopefully something will come up soon. I just hope it has a fair amount of actual game/cutscene screens, and not just interviews.
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    First Images from Nintendo Dreams Sixteen Page KH Spread.

    The section with the interview with Roxas's seiyuu is up now...
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    First Images from Nintendo Dreams Sixteen Page KH Spread.

    That's his hair poking out. I've been looking all over for these... Can't wait for more scans. Thanks! Edit: Looks like a post with an article about Yoko Shimomura has been made.
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    NEW Scans!!!!

    'Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers' for Wii. I love how Zexion in the chair looks... It looks like he's burying his head in his arm. XD
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    NEW Scans!!!!

    And Riku... *cough* Looks like Marluxia is in the part of the Beast's Castle's basement where you had to light the lanterns. Zexion looks like he may be in a hallway of the Castle, but it's hard to tell... And about Vexen being the highest: Doesn't that just mean the player/AI of Vexen 'won'...
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    KH Merch Updates

    The Japanese Square-Enix shop's front page motion banner has been updated, showing not only the KH Play Arts Vol.2 figures (HT Sora, Cloud and Sephiroth), but also two new silver charms for the KH silver charm bracelet. One of them is Axel's chakram, and the other is a heart which, according to...