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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Springfield

    Shame shame. I shall inform the supermods, and this thread is closed [closed]
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    Kingdom Hearts Triathelon!

    Dang, all three? I tried that when KH2 was yet to be released. I finished COM before I finished KH cause I kept switching between the two. I was at Final Rest when KH2 came out, so I ditched the game and played my KH2. Anyways, yes, I plan to. It'll be cool to play the entire thing through,
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    Me pwning sephiroth, Standard, NO HEAL o.o

    Same for me. Our school board blocks youtube.
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    If you could choose the intro song of KH2 witch song it could be?

    I agree. 16 years old and he/she writes like a 7 year old.
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    this belongs in CoM but no1 there so i posted here..

    All this stuff about how Princesses of the Heart not making heartless and making special nobodies doesn't matter in this case. All the stuff that happened in the worlds in Castle Oblivion never really happened. Belle and Beast were all just memories, and so Belle never really lost her heart...
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    Least Favorite Heartless or Nobody.

    Lots for me really. Berserkers Crimson Jazz Hot Rods Those things annoy me so much >.<
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    The Perfect Strategy To Obtain Final Form

    You post was a little irrelavent. He didn't mention anything about levelling up. He was ust saying how you can just get Final by driving in the Cup, and since you get a ful drive at the beginning at the cup, you can easily keep driving until you get it. So shut up. :/
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    Do Org members age?

    I dunno. I think Heartless age, while Nobodies don't. Look at Xehanort. If you compare his appearence as a heartless from KH1, and his Nobody Xemnas, you can see a total age difference. I thought Roxas looked younger than Sora. Same for Namine. :\
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    Spoiler warning What happened to Bleig

    Unlikely. Why would they be called Org. XIII of they had 14 members? Not trying to be cocky btw. n_n
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    Ansem the Wise

    She's not. Just because you're a Princess of the Heart doesn't mean you're an actual princess. Look at Alice and Belle. They're Princesses of the Heart, but aren't actual princesses. Also, in Secret Ansem Report 9, he refers Kairi simply as a citizen of Radiant Garden. If she truly her...
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    Spoiler warning What happened to Bleig

    Revealed in KH3? I already told you why...
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    Spoiler warning What happened to Bleig

    There was no other plausible choice. So ... o_O
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    Spoiler warning What happened to Bleig

    It was supposed to be Braig, but the translaters changed it. So was Dilin, it was originally Dilan.
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    summoning glitch*mybe*

    LMFAO No. In the Config menu, the Summon Movie setting is set on Auto. So, I guess when you summon them one battle, they game will realize you've seen it already, and stops playing it, until you turn off your PS2. Anyways, no, it's not a glitch.
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    valor form freeze?

    Level 8 eh? ... You're lying. The Max level is 7.
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    Is this a glitch?

    That'snot his problem. He's asking whether there's a glitch, since he said that he found all 7 O+, but it only says 6 when he goes to synthesis.
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    Help with Limit Attacks

    Lol isn't it obvious? 4 choosable forms Genie mimics these forms Lol It's Final.
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    torn pages

    Just search this forum. THere was no need for making a new thread.
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    Is this a glitch?

    Well, you prolly missed one of them. Check all the chests again. Good luck. n_n
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    Help with Limit Attacks

    Ya, that's prolly it, but it shows up as 'Dragonblaze' in Jiminy's Journal. Oh no wait, it's the Combo attacks. In Jiminy's Journal, under Combo Attacks, it shows this: *continued from 'Goofy/Teamwork'* Beast/Howling Moon Auron/Overdrive Mulan/Dragonblaze ????? Jack/Applause Jack...