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    Woah, it's been awhile.

    Hey guys, I'm back. Seems like this place has changed quite a bit since I was here. I don't know how many of my old friends are still on here, but hopefully I'll find out. Anyway, if we haven't met before- I'm _Riku_. I'm an insane Riku fanGIRL. =P I also used to be obsessed with this forum...
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    KH2 Nostalgia

    If I had the chance to go back in time, I'd calm down about the whole KH2 thing. I had seriously been counting down to the release for well over 600 days before it came out. For some reason, I thought the game would change my life dramatically or something. Boy, was I wrong. Sure, it was an...
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    Ahh, its been 6 months... What condition are your Strategy guides in?

    >.> I think the guide is waste of time unless you're in to collecting KH merchandise. If I ever needed help, I just asked KHI members or looked at online help sites. Of course, one of my friends has the guide and hers is practically falling apart at this point. xD
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    G-Phoria 2006 - Kingdom Hearts II Hanging on

    Well.. the voice overs were acceptable, I suppose.. But the soundtrack wasn't really that great, in my opinion. Sure, there were a few great songs, but most of the songs were just remakes of songs from the KH1 soundtrack. Such as "This is Halloween" (The Halloweentown theme.) It's basically the...
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    I actually don't equip accessories based on their auto-abilities. I equip accessories based on what they'll do to a party member's stats. I keep my eye on the stats box the whole time, and I don't equip anything that makes any of the numbers red.
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    Hades Paradox Cup: Leon and Cloud

    Alright, so I was doing the Hades Paradox Cup the other day, and I got one of the last seeds (40- something) and it was Leon and Cloud together. For the group of seeds that I was in, each one was timed and I only had a certain amount of time to defeat all the enemies. Leon and Cloud must've been...
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    Happy Birthday Sacred_Sora!

    Yes, today is one of my best friend's birthdays, and he most definitely deserved a thread. ^_^ Happy Birthday!!
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    Why are they dissapearing?

    Wow, someone has insane reading skills.. That wasn't even what this thread was about. >.> Anyways, thanks for your help everyone, I promise this'll be the last time I beg for help here. xD
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    Why are they dissapearing?

    Oh, alright. Thanks for your help. xD
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    Why are they dissapearing?

    Alright, hey, it's me again. The same person that asked for help with Bulky Vendors last time. So, basically I know all the places where Bulky Vendors can be found, and I've been going to them. The little window pops up and says "A rare heartless is in this area!" So, immediately I see a Bulky...
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    That was completely uncalled for. Riku pwns all other KH series characters in EVERY game because he's unique and takes a DIFFERENT path. Maybe you just don't like change. Anyways, no.. I don't think he says anything mean. The game's rated 'E'.. ...anyways, this thread has served it's purpose...
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    Was It Good...

    Wtf? If Roxas wasn't Sora's nobody, he'd have absoluely no importance in the game. The entire plot would just be gone. o_0
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    King Mickey can not be summouned!I am ending this!

    FDS, once again you put another rumor to rest. Nice work. +1 rep. That rumor made just about as much sense as the rumor about Axel being Riku's nobody. You've saved the KHI community from viewing pointless threads about rumors. xD
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    Bulky Vendors

    Alright, I'm really really close to completing my Synthesis notes, but I'm stuck because I'm in desperate need of Orchiculums (or however you spell it.) NOT Orchiculum+'s, just normal ones. I know that you get them from Bulky Vendors, but first off, I'd like to know where I can find Bulky...
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    Fanfiction ► Hope's Last Battle(A Collaberation Fan Fic)

    I like it so far, but the grammatical errors concerning dialogue need serious help. >.>
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    Teriyaki Boyz

    Alright, I was browsing through the 'Soundtracks' section of the iTunes music store a few days ago, and I listened to a preview of a song from the movie "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift." The song was called 'Tokyo Drift" and it was by a Japanese group of rappers called The Teriyaki Boyz...
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    Favorite Morning Talk Show

    Whenever I stay home from school, the only thing on TV is always morning talk shows. I end up watching a few of them. I'm sure I'm not alone. My favorite morning talk show is Regis and Kelly. What's yours?:p
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    Why do you hate Atlantica?

    Alright, I know that we all like to be all rated 'T' battle lovers, but at heart.. we all love Atlantica... I mean come on, when you're sick of killing random enemies just to get synthesis items or when you just need a break from doing run-throughs of TWTNW to level up Final Form, I know what...
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    er...COM i need to know

    May this be a message to all random n00bs who are too lazy for play CoM: No one cares. Go out and buy it so that we can all avoid confusion in the future. kthxbai.
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    er...COM i need to know

    Haha.. No. Believe me, someone telling you the CoM story in their own words would not be the same experience as playing the game. Just go out and buy it. I promise you, you won't regret it.