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    do you think riku is really a key blade welier

    Is he or isnt he im confusied
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    How do you beat the gargyole in the end of the world

    I need help beating him hes hard even thou ive beat him before but icant this time.
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    How do you beat seproth

    thanks you guys
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    How do you beat seproth

    I had the hardest time with him how do oyu beat him
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    whats you least fav world??

    I my self hate monstro its so stupied
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    least favorite keyblade

    What is your least favorite keyblade mine is the crab claw
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    All the Confirmed... Everything

    AWSOME i cant wait for this game but what is steamboat willie just wondering but is there going to be a co-op for two players
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    kairi & sora

    yeah i guess it would be cool
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    A weird thing I noticed on an old KH2 Screenshot

    no it dosent seem like that
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    A couple new images from Famitsu

    there both new to me
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    it would be ok but what would second player be like donlad or goffy??
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    Utada Hikaru Returns For KH2 Confirmed

    yes ther back thats awsome
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    Is it just me, or did COM suck?

    i played but i didnt beat i thought it was ok what happens at the end??? if you want to tell me what happend e-mail wazzupboy6@hotmail.com
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    New KH2 scans!!!

    there from a while back
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    About axel

    seems to me like you would have to fight him you do in kh com
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    Another BHK hopefully new

    same here i agree
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    The stupidest thing they could do to KH2?

    if they put that in there im not buying it!
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    What's Your favorite non-heartless boss

    riku the second time in hollow bastion
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    Rikku the keyblade master?

    at hollow bastion the keyblade comes to him but hes not the wielder
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    beating sephiroth

    How in the world do you beat him i cant e-mail me and tell m wazzupboy6@hotmail.com