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    Most Powerful Days Mission Mode Character

    I'd say Saix, he has a rather powerful critical hit% which makes him probably one of the best characters to use.
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    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unversed So Far

    I think it will take 6 months... just like Crisis Core. Does anyone know why it took Dissidia so long to come out in the US anyway?
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    New HQ Screenshots!

    Re: New HQ Scans! He will most likely shout something like "Get up on the Dragon's back!" or something like that, lol.
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    I was around level 54 in Proud Mode when I thought this bus, all I can say is use Glide whenever possible and fly far away from him when he does his attacks, when he does the meteor attack, I usually fly in circles around him.
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    The "I'm not importing BbS and will avoid spoilers" Support Group

    The OST ruined 358/2 Days for me, but I guess that's my own fault. I was on Youtube listening to the Days soundtrack and then I saw the title '____ final battle' on one of the related videos. Edit: How do you put on spoiler tags again?
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    358/2 new worlds

    Still, you could say Neverland was kind of like a new world considering it doesn't take place on a ship like in KH1.
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    358/2 Days Ultimania Interview with Nomura

    So is Kingdom Hearts 3 going to be in the past or is it not KH3 but a new title overall?
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    Looks good, the best thing on that box art is probably Riku and the Skyscraper in TWTNW.
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    Found sites with a Realese Date for Europe..

    I don't think there's any point importing, I imported the game but whenever I tried to play it on Pal mode on Swap Magic, a black bar always appeared at the bottom of the screen and whenever it came to fmv scenes the audio kept on skipping. I tried it on both NTSC and Normal mode and the audio...
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    Found sites with a Realese Date for Europe..

    If it was coming on the 17th April, it would most likely have appeared on the GAME website by now, so I don't think it will come out on that date but who knows.
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    Found sites with a Realese Date for Europe..

    I imported Re: Chain of Memories and a Swap Magic 3.6, however a black bar appears at the bottom and the audio skips in the fmvs. The gameplay works perfectly but it's just the fmvs that are keeping me from playing the game.
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    Good website for Importing?

    Okay, thanks guys.
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    Good website for Importing?

    Does anybody know are good site that I can buy the NA version of RE: Chain of Memories? I live in Europe and it doesn't look like it will come here.
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    why no confirmation for PAL yet?

    I've never imported a game before, but since NTSC TVs and PAL TVs have different Hertz, I'm guessing the game would display in black and white, most because I when I played Tekken 4 on my PS2, I decided to test the 60 Hz option and the screen turned black and white, or rather the game was black...
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    I Reaaaalllly need help on KH: ReCoM!!!

    Most of the models which are causing trouble are the 80GB PS3's. So do as the person before me suggested and look for a save file or play it on your PS2, if you have one.
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    why no confirmation for PAL yet?

    I'll probably import it in January. How long did it take Square Enix Ltd to announce Kingdom Hearts II?
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    I'm not sure why, but most of the Organization seemed to have posh accents in their voices.
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    BTW doesn't this guy sound perfect for Sora? YouTube - Kingdom Hearts - RE:COM - THE English Fandub - Episode 1
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    Maybe Hayden will come back in KH3, since Kairi only had like two lines in this game. Anyway, the gameplay and story was the reason I'm getting Re: COM, didn't get the GBA version, so I used a emulator and the story is better than KH2. Now I just need the game to come to Europe.
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    Damn, oh well. I'll just buy it anyway, still it's disappointing to hear such things, I had high hopes for the voices, anyone heard Namine's voice yet?