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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Manga Vol. 3 out soon?

    I've been waiting awhile too. I asked for volumes 2 and 3 for my birthday. My mom said she couldn't fine the 3rd one. Now I know why.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Manga Vol. 3 out soon?

    woah... thx for cluing me in... I joined on Sunday, so i haven't explored the site
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Manga Vol. 3 out soon?

    There's a kh Days manga!!!???
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    What's your Panel?

    Mine changes to fit the mission also. I'm using the Nimble Gear panel right now. I go for the ones good in the air or stuff like the Wild Gear. I almost never use magic.
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    Who is Xehanort?

    Say MX is the real human Xehanort, and if his heartless and nobody have already been revealed, then maybe its his unbirth, however that works...
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    I've heard that their names are connected. Aqua=water Kairi=ocean Ventus=air Sora=wind Terra=earth Riku= something to do with the ground/earth etc.