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    Just a question.

    terra's heart is still inside his armor
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    Controversies, Myths and Mysteries

    in the picture in khII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 25 char
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    [bbs]I just hope Nomura doesn't pull a KOTOR

    it wouldnt be the first time i.e roxas was a villain but ended up being a good guy. its his and ventus horrible memories thats the problem and that causes confusion lol
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    What if Vanitas is Master Eraqus?

    why do it have to be dumb? its just his guess im pretty sure if you came with an idea it would be considered dumb, so do you really wanna continue with this? anyway we dont know who vanitas is even though apparently we already seen him based on what nomura said so its one of these freaking...
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    Sequel to bbs i think???

    ok idk if this has been thought of already so bear with me, i think that the sequel game to birth by sleep is gonna revolve around an older ventus and mickey working together and they battle the first heartless, why i think this is bc well we all know that in kh1 ventus is no where on DI and...
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    BBS Maleficent as a d-link fo Terra

    so if thats the case can terra use d-links with the other villains i.e hades, captain hook, etc?
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    Braig/Xigbar in new trailer

    well actually it is possible for braig to use those moves and stuff especially if he use the power of darkness
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    Vanitas Theory

    quick note though, for a man vanitas has deep eyelashes similar to a woman's which i guess make sense, since he does have a creepy female laugh so he could just be crazy but idk i guess he wears make-up like emo's
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    Vanitas=???? maybe???

    ok i been just like everyone else trying to figure out who vanitas is and i think this is a pretty plausible guess...i believe vanitas is a clone of terra but a kid version..i know sounds weird but the reason why is bc of several sayings: MX: "you should know who the masked BOY is" -if MX is...
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    Ok i just watched the tgs 09 vid again and idk if this has been talked about but when mickey is in the water getting sucked into the whirlpool that book that he is floating on, isnt it the one that sora read in kh2? so does this mean it wasnt originally yen sids? also where did it come from...
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    Everyone forgets Ven

    i see the mountains and under his legs it looks like LOD idk you tell me lol
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    new gamepla???

    dont know if this is old news or not but found this on youtube YouTube - Kingdom Hearts - Birth by sleep D-link 720p
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    Vanitas could be...

    all sound like great reasoning but quick question in kh1 SOD was nothing but darkness correct? and in order to have a physical form he needed to take over a host....soooo if ven heart is nothing but corrupted darkness, then MX would have to use someone to transfer the heart right? or did he...
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    MX in KeybladeWar

    i agree with diogo14 if you remember back to kh1 maleficent told riku he can save kairi with the power of darkness, so maybe he was in the keyblade war so was erquas except they were a lot younger, i mean they are old as dirt now, idk about vanitas though, just thoughts
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    Birth by Sleep Japanese Commercial [Translated] + download link. All Commercial Discussion go here

    its near the end of the trailer you see mickey mouse laying on the ground behind ven and ven looks like he is screaming, im guessing that mickey was hurt protecting or fighting MX oh its 2 keyblades the KK and Soul Eater well sould eater isnt a keyblade but you get it
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    i know that its "Assumed" that the 7 princess open up the door to kingdom hearts..........BUT..............when has that EVER been absolute fact? when they were gathered in the first game kingdom hearts didnt show, and in the second game they werent even important, so im just wondering is the...
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    why ienzo is small in the scan of bbs

    what did leon say about maleficent again?
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    ok near the end of the game, it is made cleared that Xion's keyblade is a fake......HOW??? :confused: how is a keyblade fake? was it created from the memories that she had inside her? and another thing, she was able to use Roxas's keyblade, so that would mean that somewhere along the line she...
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    oh i thought that somewhere it said that chasers were people who crafted metal as in keyblades and stuff
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    hey im new here im just wondering, was it ever explained what "chasers" were? plz dont flame me im just curious:31: