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    kh: BBS lv. up growth theory

    that's right... lol. I think I've even made a comment on the first one.
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    Why does it matter?

    Is this true? If so from where did it come from?
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    Mathematical 385/2 Days Theory

    I can't say this is all just coincidence because, hey, I have nothing to do with kingdom hearts production. However I thing this math is two complicated and I'd rather stick to previous theories such as the roxas and the 14th's days left in the organization.
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    ~\\My awesome BBS THEORY//~

    Nice idea, but Nomura said that the new enemies won't be heartless or nobodies and a keyblade heartless is still a heartless.
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    Xehanort related to Terra?

    Ten years is not enough time for Terra to have a son that turns out to be Xehanort, I know, but what if they were brothers or in fact the same person. They have similar hairstyles and those same creepy golden eyes. What if Terra was the athletic older brother and Xehanort was the smart younger...