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    Why do you hate Atlantica?

    I didn't mind it, I thought it was cute at times and it was a nice change from all the fighting.
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    Just recently I became a HUGE L'Arc~en~Ciel fangirl and I was just wondering if there were anymore fans! ^^ Hyde=teh sex
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    KH2 Lyrics

    Is there a translation for the opening version yet?
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    Oh wow, can't wait to see if it's true! Thanks for the info, highly appreciated! ^^
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    1:44 seconds into the songs the lyrics are: Read between the lines Whats F*cked up and everythings alright ^^ I love you Hikki! <3
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    *falls over* Wow. Never thought I'd live to hear, never expected to hear it! O.o I love Hikki, it wasn't bad but just never thought I'd see the day.
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    New Movies on IGN

    Awesome! I started screaming when I saw the battle against Hydra!
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    Are there any new final fantasy people in kh2

    Wait, last time I checked they were Summons. Since when are they not?
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    Just in case anyone believed there is a KH:Remix or Final Mix

    Meh I've never heard of that rumour so I guess I'm indifferent. Maybe they don't want fans to get to suspicious of a KH3.
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    Are there any new final fantasy people in kh2

    Um...there are a lot more than Auron ^^;;; Kinda really old news though.
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    *If You Are an Anti-Spoiler Gamer for Kh2 only!*

    LoL I try! :-p Meh maybe not ban those with spoilers in their sig, how about a temporary suspension until, oh I don't know, say until when the game gets released in America?! O:-) But I kinda do think the titles in the spoiler section should be invisible to everyone else who is not in the...
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    Sora's masculinity

    Um....poor Kairi? LoL It'll probably look cooler in the game
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    *If You Are an Anti-Spoiler Gamer for Kh2 only!*

    Yeah all these spoilers are driving me crazy. It's not just here too, KH LJ communities are making me wanna cry. T_T And I think I just saw a spoiler in this thread so I'm pretty frustrated.
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    What pisses you off?

    The card battling system. End of story. It took me like at least 5 tries to beat Hades and Captain Hook with the blasted things, it was ridiculous. I also hated Sora's final battle. FLOWER POWER TO THE MAX! *cringes* I didn't HATE this but it annoyed me, the end of Sora's story. I just sat...
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    Has anyone heard....

    *Falls over* I wish they would just give us a fskin date so we would all could stop flippin out about every lil rumor!
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    Tifa Confirmed

    *Drools* I heart teh Tifa. She is my hero! Seriously, I was so excited when I saw her pic, you have to admit, the chick is fskin hot and badass. What more can you ask for?
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    English lyric line of Passion maybe revealed

    Wow, that's different. I dont' know what to say. XD
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    Re: Pa-Pa-Pa PASSION!!!! I adore this song! I can't say that it's better than Simple and Clean because personally, I can't compare Simple and Clean to any other songs (it's just that holy XD) but Passion is gonna be good and I'm sure that the English version will be just as great. The music...
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    Yuna and Rikku???

    They're in the latest trailer: http://kh-2.net/ (very bottom of page) There are screenshots too but most of them are low quality and ya can't tell who is who.
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    Idea of Rikku and Yuna as kids

    Cooler: Probaby. More Mature: XD Ya played X-2 right? LoL