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  1. J

    Help/Support ► I need closure!

    There are always other fish in the sea. If you're always looking back, you'll never see what's in front of you. Don't worry. You have plenty of other chances ahead. She didn't sound like she was entirely interested anyway. No 'fense. You get things like that.
  2. J

    Help/Support ► How to relieve stress

    Head banging would work if you didn't have to sacrifice brain cells in the process. Haha. From having a stressful last week at college, here are my tips: - Take a nap (preferably around 20 minutes) - Go on a walk. GET OUTSIDE. - Talk to a good friend - LAUGH - Cry. Yes, a good cry is sometimes...
  3. J

    Help/Support ► Feeling Lonely

    I know how you feel in regards to this transition. I had to face the same case with returning back to my former college this year. I will tell you now that the best way to go into a setting like that is to not expect to make friends. If you do and you don't the first couple days, it can really...
  4. J

    Help/Support ► Apology to all women

    Just so long as you realize that gender isn't the basis of who is a jerk and who isn't, I think you'll be fine. <3 Welcome to the real world. And I don't mean that piece of crap television show. D:
  5. J

    Help/Support ► Brother

    Don't beat him and don't scare him. You said seven, right? Do you have anything like a closet with a high shelf or a high place to store stuff in general? Because if your parents won't do anything, that's your next best bet. Or even just getting a chest to lock your stuff away. How much manga...
  6. J

    Have any of you beaten KH2 without the strategy guide?

    Chill, HZ. Not everyone plays video games like they're going out of style. <3 Yes, I've beaten it without a guide. It's very tedious, but in my opinion, Kingdom Hearts II is very easy on the player in comparison to other games.
  7. J

    Help/Support ► problemo

    It's the irony of life, isn't it? :P Alas, don't worry too much, man. You've got years yet to hook up with someone. XD;
  8. J

    Help/Support ► Best friend?

    Dating your best friend is very risky, if you ask me. It's not necessarily bad if it works out. In fact, it could probably turn into the best relationship you've ever had. But on the other hand, it could really crash and you may even lose your friend. It sort of happened to me. I still have the...
  9. J

    Help/Support ► problemo

    It's only natural to be more timid around people you find either visually or mentally appealing (or perhaps both cases ;D). I myself still seem to have a problem like that, but it only occurs when I don't know the person very well in the first place. Try to make friends with them. If they don't...
  10. J

    Help/Support ► I can't believe i'm doing this...

    I wouldn't bother with relationships at that age myself. But that's just me and it's highly doubtful anyone would listen to me anyway, considering it's coming from some random twenty year old. :P
  11. J

    Help/Support ► I can't believe i'm doing this...

    Come on, guys. I'm sure Savvy is stressed enough and would appreciate a lack of flaming in her thread. @~ Mm'kay?
  12. J


    I've been more or less a little bit of a lurker here the past couple months. I only just recently started posting more often lately. Ironically, it was only around this time in which I noticed this forum. :B 'ey everyone. I would obviously be Jodie, or Yoli as my very good friends call me...
  13. J

    AARRRRGGGG, Material Collecting

    Go the the WTNW. Where you fight Xigbar I believe they appear now instead. They are also at the balcony where Sora, Kairi, and Riku reunite. You will have to go through I think it was four Berserkers to get into the entrance (of course, you could always just run past them).
  14. J

    Help/Support ► Discarded

    Please don't misquote me. There is often times much more to it than some men might think. It's not about backstabbing. Yet a lot of it is hinging on a girl's morals and personality. Perhaps some from peer pressure or even perhaps pressures from their parents. There's so much more variables. For...
  15. J

    Help/Support ► Discarded

    I'm not trying to be cold in sayin' this. I feel for you and all. Yet, ironically, I find I've been on her side of a situation very similar to this. Although unlike her, I gave reasons. If this girl is determined for you to not be a part of her life anymore, what can you do? It's not wrong...
  16. J

    Help/Support ► I can't believe i'm doing this...

    Communication is essential to any and all relationships in life, be it between friends, relatives, or spouses. Either or, don't shut the door on her just yet, Savvy. @~ I realize you are upset, and for what reason you have given I do not blame you. But I would think it best to talk with her in...
  17. J

    Nobody types

    I think it was more or less to compliment them. Although I think that's about the gist of it right there. I hear rumors that Roxas was the overseer of the Samurai ones, which would halfway make sense towards your conclusion (seeing as a keyblade is more or less a sword). Like I said prior...
  18. J

    Kairi's bottle

    It just did. There's no actual explanation. Unless you would call it destiny or fate, which seems to be a common theme in the Kingdom Hearts series. I wouldn't think it over too much, frankly. That's like pondering over how the message got to the mice in that Disney move, The Rescuers I think it...
  19. J

    Shouldn't kingdom hearts 2 be 3

    I bet they did it to try and kill off the numbers business. I mean adding "2" and "3" onto the end of a name are alright, but it's when you get to "4", "5", and more that it's real overkill if you ask me. XD; Chain of Memories had a lot to do with setting the stage for the second PS2 game. Its...