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    haha learn how to spell thats hillarious
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    FF Summons...Missing? You Decide

    What makes Kingdom Hearts so original is the rich story. A few FF summons would be neat..but I dont want to see it overfilled. Final Fantasy is too mature (i agree). By mature I mean that its a more seriously taken game. Kingdom Hearts features Disney characters, and your not going to see them...
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    summon pictures

    Scan 1 http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y221/vindeggama/17575.jpg Scan 2 http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y221/vindeggama/17576.jpg Scan 3 http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y221/vindeggama/17577.jpg Scan 4 http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y221/vindeggama/17578.jpg
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    how many people on these forums are Asian?
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    Tarzan slide

    In Kingdom Hearts, after you collect all the slides in Deep Jungle, you get to view them. There's one slide of a big castle, and Sora says that it looks familiar. Is this Castle Oblivion???
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    Ansem and Diz

    ok you guys dont get all PMSing. I didnt get this idea from the forums i just thought of it after watching the Promo trailer. Its just an idea, i didnt say i know for sure Diz is Ansem, its just an idea. and I dont care how many times this has been posted, so dont be all acting cool and flaming...
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    Ansem and Diz

    ok im pretty sure Diz is Ansem. Look at the newest Promo trailer we got. It shows a close up of Diz's face. He has the same skin color and eye color of Ansem.
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    Location..Locaion..new world?

    maybe the screen where leon is standing by the huge computer helps support that this indeed is the Tron world.
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    yuna and rikku

    thanks for the props
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    Yuna and Rikku???

    um no in every scene she's in (which isnt a lot), she has white nylons. from the first time you see rikku, to the last, she's wearing white nylons.
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    Yuna and Rikku???

    Are Yuna and Rikku kids in KH2? If you freeze the frame, Rikku is wearing nylons over her legs....She didn't wear nylons in X-2, she just had bare legs. Do you think Square-Enix did this just to cover up some clothing in a Disney game, or are they actually kids? Besides, they do look a little...
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    HQ Site rip of trailer

    if you freeze the frame, leon is fighting some kind of bee-like heartless. and in the background looks like what could be a hive from where they're coming from.
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    sora and bhk??

    true, but its said that BHK was "born in a special way"
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    sora and bhk??

    OK so are sora and bhk related in some way? remember back to Kingdom Hearts when sora turned into a heartless. isn't it that when a heartless tries to take over a brave heart, a nobody is born? So..can that mean that BHK was that nobody who was born from Sora's heart? Also, in the newest TGS...
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    in the beginning of Kingdom Hearts, Sora sees himself coming from the sky...ok I got what this meant awhile back, but i forgot. can someone explain it please
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    I remember awhile back, there was a thread discussing on how Walt Disney should be praised somehow in Kingdom Hearts 2. Well, Diz's name is obviously a reference to walt DISney. So yeah, its a praise to him all right. And on a side note, is Diz a part of the organization, or is he against it...
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    BHKs background

    this is a pointless thread. why make up one when its probably is going to be reveiled in KH2
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    What kind of info will be released next?

    exactly! i dont want to read everything about the game..because then I would know what would already be happening in the game! haha who knows!! maybe sora and riku were seperated at birth!!! by the way, that was a joke. so all you people out there who love flamin', dont even bother
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    help please!!

    wait riku was the original keyblade weilder with the kingdom key? can someone explain this to me please
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    help please!!

    can you guys help me out with these questions please? 1. who was the original keyblade master? 2. who is the older org. member shown in the POTC world in the tgs 05 trailer?