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    please HELP!!!!

    sorry completely of topic but my new nintendo ds lite ac battery addapter that connet's to the back of the ds lite won't come out is thier a special exit swich or something please help:cry:
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    party members bbs

    i hope at least at the end just to make it more of a cool boss battel
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    If you could be any character in the game who would it be

    riku kh1 badass controls darkness he's awesome:thumbup:
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    200 years?!?!?!

    in kh1 when sora saved aladdin and they whent back to his house sora said something about a keyhole and genie said keyhole i herd that somewere it's only been 200 years??? so coud this be another kingdom hearts title:confused:
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    go to google type kh ultimania the first one click then go to kh1 section then artwork then scroll down and you shoud see her in concept art,done:thumbsup:
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    Is it possible to get to a high level on Destiny Islands?

    i herd that if u get level 100 on destiny island that insted of geting kingdom key u get king mickey's keyblade is it true
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    alternate birth by sleep

    i now that i mean before that on kingdom hearts 2 secret ending thats when he said it
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    alternate birth by sleep

    birth by sleep coud of been very different nomura said the reason they had helmets wasen't because they were nights but because he didn't have faces for them het so the story coud of been very different. like ven coud of been someone else so im i right or rong:confused:
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    multiplayer is the shit#2

    sorry i didn't now i woud of doen it if i new:blush:
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    multiplayer is the shit#2

    another pointless thing if it is world wide then we shoud start conpetitions on the threads on like how can go through a mission faster or how can kill more enemys how that sound:thumbup:
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    are you still going to enjoy it

    the ending is already disided the last boss for 358/2 days has to be riku are u still going to enjoy playing the game when you now thats the end i now i will, will you?
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    i was wondering

    i was wondering if at the end of 358/2 days can we play as 2 keyblade roxas? and i herd at the end just like chian of memories you can play as the 14 member is this true.
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    i just saw

    i just saw kingdom hearts 2 final mix videos one of the organization members was talking to another and the were talking about i think xemnes and aqua and the room of sleep and then they said something about his secret "the room of awakenings" and they siad his other friend that he always talks...
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    can anyone use it

    i was wondering if anyone with a strong heart coud use a keyblade in kingdom hearts squall leonhart held it for a few seconds so coud someone actually use it intell the owner called it back:confused:
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    Not sure if anyone knew this but

    this is not pointless thinks alot :thumbsup:
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    secret ending

    weird good find :thumbsup:
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    why mickey

    why is mickey in all three of the new games coded helps sora, 358/2 seen in scan talking to an organization member, birth by sleep helping ven do you guy/girls think he'll have a big role in each game:thumbsup:
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    just noticed

    in the trailer deep dive near the end roxas eyes glow yellow and so does terra's in the end of birth by sleep so coud terra be a nobody:confused:
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    playable demo?

    is thier EVER!! going to be a playable demo of birth by sleep on like playstation network:confused:
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    the site coming down in 19 days please help just a fan

    hey guy's/girl's please help the site if i could i woud but for me thats inposeble so please help:thumbsup: