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    What's The Stupidest Thing You Ever Did in COM?

    caused a "0" room, making me fight random battles till a 0 popped up.
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    The Forum's History (Remember When?)

    Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've actually posted something. This forum has been around for so long, and I was wondering if a lot of the people from a while ago are still here. These forums changed so much since I last viewed it. I remember so much stuff like: When there was an RPG...
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    ES Boss Fight Footage

    lol, donald got 1 hit roflroflrofl
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    It Feels So Good To Be Baaaack!!

    Hey everyone! I doubt anyone actually remembers me, but I sure as heck remember all of you. I joined this board years ago, and all I did was view and anticipate KH2. After its release, however, it seems I never logged in. Well, now I'm back, and I guess it's time to reintroduce myself...
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    A close examination of a new scan...

    Hey everyone. It's been a while since I've been here. In fact, most of you don't even know me or remember me. But I've been here, waiting... back on topic, look at this new scan: (its the image thing khu website thingy) if you...
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    did anyone else notice the red smoke when he took off his mask?
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    Did anyone feel bad for Roxas? (beginning spoilers)

    thanks, but when did he act differently?
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    Did anyone feel bad for Roxas? (beginning spoilers)

    ^ yep and: i think u see him again, but its sad to see him go i almost cried (lol) during that part i dont think the music helps much either
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    Did anyone feel bad for Roxas? (beginning spoilers)

    Roxas wasnt meant to exist, so did anyone else feel bad for him? I felt sad when I couldnt play as Roxas anymore. I kinda felt like I knew him even though I only played as him for 3 hours. After not knowing his face for 2 years and calling him BHK until not long ago, it was strange to see him...
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    Secret Message in Sanctuary

    ^ actually its "i need more affection than you know" also, she says "so many ups and downs" in the middle of the song (after she says "i need 2 emotions") cool find, although a little old
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    Does any one have problems with there game?

    lol for the entire Roxas part, i needed to use my oldest and beat up controller because theothers didnt work. afterwards, i needed to use the newer controllers because the old one didnt work ^.^'
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    1,280 days

    I bought KH the same day it came out and the same day I saw the commercial and staring at the TV in awe while hearing Simple and Clean. It was videogame love at 1st sight lol. After beating the game within a month, I waited for KH2. and waited, and fund this website,and waited, and downloaded...
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    NA Kh2 Leaked Thread (NO SPAM)

    Guys, are we even sure its the real US version of khII? I mean, there are some strange things with these videos. Has anyone noticed the music hasen't changed? How about the spelling mistake (MPC, MCP something like that)? The reason why Maverik hasent uploaded Sanctuary is because a) he...
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    March 29th

    if i even thoght about asking my mom to have the day off, i would not be allowed to get the game until my 16th b-day (my bday is march 17...3 days =))
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    NA KH2 Leaked Thread (Mod Approved!)

    Re: USA KH2 game has been leaked Well 1. ever heard of a Mod Chip? My friend had a chipped ps2 and it played copied games (or so he claimed) and 2. it was probably an inside job. for instance, how do illegal copies of movies hit the streets before they are out in theaters?
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    Should I choose Proud mode? (NO spoilers please)

    Well, Kh2 is coming, and I heard that there is a secret video at the end. I wanna see that video after I beat the game, but I'm wondering, should I play on Proud mode to see it easier? I proud mode almost impossible at some points? Ive played KH, so should I just start off on Proud?
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    Strange... We'll find out March 28th!
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    Dude, crop it in MS paint or something and yes, that looked a lot like glide, and the end move was even cooler.
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    How many drive forms are there?

    ^^^Similar to what i said, except i didn't mention points. BTW, why is that a spoiler?????