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    3rd symbol ? How about 4th symbol...

    ( Someone close this if its old ) Ya know way back when everyone was hyped on the symbol Roxas drew on the desk ? Well although we know what it is, there's a fourth one. For those who thought it was either an X instead of the crown, welll, check out the european official site for KH2 and you...
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    KH2 Unexplained things

    Just a few details that have caught my eye and that i can't figure out : 1. Pete's door to the past of Disney Castle is different from the one conjured up by Merlin. There's a fleur-de-lys-esque shape on Merlin's, while Pete's has a coat of arms with a capital "P" on the left, a lit cigar on...
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    Zexions weapon

    Hmmm I think KNH may have a point. Illusionist or not, there was a keyblade, which is obviously a weapon. And then there's the spoilerifickness of his weapon which makes Nomura not want to reveal it. 2+2=4, so ya never know.
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    The Namine Factor

    1) Dont triple post 2) Dont double post after triple posting 3) Naminé is Kairi's Nobody : read the Reports, and you see them fuse together at the end 4) The anagram with "X" is to show you're part of the Org.^^^^^^ 5) KH2_is_God : Born normally or not, that's irrevelant
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    Keyblades *MAJOR SPOILERS* dont even peek unless uve been at the last world

    Scenario 1: Deep Dive Roxas climbs up the Memory Skyscraper and thrusts a Keyblade to Riku, who uses it to fend off Heartless and then face off with Roxas (to be utterly crushed). Scenario 2: The World That Never Was Riku lends Kairi a Keyblade to help him fend off the Heartless. Obvious link...
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    Pureblood observation

    While playing KH2, I noticed Neoshadows don't release hearts when destroyed. Same for Shadows. I even went and replayed KHI and noticed shadows just disapeared in a poof of yellow light and nothing more. All the other Heartless release hearts, and all those others bear the emblem. Could this...
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    Drive Form Coincidence?

    Sigh...Ok, it might not be a DARK keyblade, but it is indeed the Keyblade of the realm of Darkness...read the Reports or somethin. EDIT : sry RHOD i didnt see your post before replying
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    Secret message part 2!

    This nooz is rly past date, you should search the forums b4 posting
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    twilight town in CoM

    That's where the other side of Sora waas born
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    Who hates the KH2 Commercial?

    does someone have a link to it ? i didnt get to see it yet >_>
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    i don't got anything against her, but a bit more info on her wouldve been good in KH2 (only female org member for cryin out loud)
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    The actual card game

    Don't think it exists (never heard of it and can't find much either sorry)
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    Need translation (Hollow Bastion)

    oh well, you never know. thanks for checking
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    Proof of the Third Symbol

    Well, if the three symbold represent balance, it has to be a crown. The two first original Keyblades we see are both "Kingdom" Keys, hence the crown. These keys affect "Kingdom" Hearts, being the required tools to close it. Then there's Sora's crown shaped zipper thinggy. All the answers point...
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    (Spoilers) Zexion puppetmaster theory

    ^^^^or as Ienzo
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    secret ending

    Holy shit my heart nearly skipped a beat jeezus oh and btw theres also the fact that since you got a thousand + different keyblades designs you gotta make a thousand + keychain designs, so theres probably gonna be some sort of explanation as to why there arent any
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    Need translation (Hollow Bastion)

    except that place is a study, and thats where DTD is revealed. A quick read by someone who speaks japanese couldnt hurt :P
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    Need translation (Hollow Bastion)

    In Hollow Bastion (Ansem's stduy) there are sketches on the wall, results from Ansem's studies. There's one concerning the heart, one concerning beings, one concerning the heart of the world, and maybe one or two more. Unfrotunately, the writing on these images is in japanese. Can anyone...
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    Some of Axels favorite lines.

    "My heart just wouldn't be in it, ya know? Not having one" (or something along those lines) at Betwixt and Between
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    Favorite Organization Member

    huh? i thought it was to use Kingdom Hearts to become complete again? isnt that what Xaldin said?