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    Riku Replica

    Nicely done, but aren't you a bit harsh?
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    Whos Your Pick

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    KHInsider Official BBS Trailer discussion

    Re: BBS Trailer nice vid dudes, does this mean that it will be released soon, i wonder.
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    Kingdom Hearts (II) commercial

    i had no idea waar woon jij??:p off the thread sorry
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    Picture of Aqua

    i was thinking the same thing, man that is so lame what a fake
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    Kingdom Hearts (II) commercial

    Did they even have commercials for kinhdom hearts ???:confused::toungesmile: in Belgium i don't even remember seeing one they actualy look kinda good
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    Strength or Magic?

    i also use it 50/50 in the beginning of kh I it is really helpful. one thunder or blizzard to kill a lot of heartless. i think they made magic KH II a lot weaker, anyone agrees?? because of that in KHI blizzard can hit 5 enemys in KH II only one
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    which game do you think is more fun?

    I think they are all fun. KHI is the hardest one on ps2 but the second game has better graphics and gameplay if u ask me. since i dont have CoM i don't know how it is. i'm planning to buy a DS especially for 358/2 days. and buy birth by sleep for PSP.