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    How did you get into Kingdom hearts

    I saw my brothers friends playing it, so my brother borrowed the game, and I got to demoish the thing by beating it 100 % ^^
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    Buying Unkown cloak, Defense Ring...

    Buying Unkown cloak, Strength Ring... For now, I am buying the Unkown Cloak and Defense Ring Unknown Cloak -Still needed- Strength Ring -Still needed- Prices: Unkown Cloak buy for 15,500 Strength buy for 10,500 Prices are negotiable ADDITION: I will buy the items for 500 more gil than...
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    What's The Stupidest Thing You Ever Did in COM?

    Stupidest thing I ever did was give up on COM because I could not find the blue 1 map card... I played 20 extra hours to try and find it... And nothing...
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    What would you do if you found KH2 on the ground?

    I would grab it, stuff it in my overly-sized jacket and run home and play non-stop..... Then make it 50 $ to play 5 minutes of the game ; )
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    grrr cant find a value 1 map card..help?

    Ive tried for a week... Ive played another 20 hours (litteraly)..... THEIR NOT DROPPING LV 1 BLUE CARDS.. Im in Castle Oblivion, with the door with level 1 blue card and 99 any card.... Are there any cheats to get it? I dont want to spend another hour on this idiotic game. I though this game was...
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    Favorite Organization Member

    Axel is incredibly cool, so ill stick with him.
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    hardest kh1 boss

    All of 'em were easy, but obviously Sephiroth was the hardest
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    What is your highest level?

    Re: What is you highest level? 100.... And 100% done with the game.
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    shouldn't have been made

    The soryline was OK, but I didnt like the battle system, if they did without that and some other stuff, it would have been better
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    Who beat game 100%

    Ive done it 100 % Ive gotten all my stats to 100 aswell. All 3 people level 100, Ultima Weapon, all bosses dead and gone, gotten all the keyblades... all dalmations, everything ; )
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    I have around 529 health, and when I checked my status, it said 529/229. I thought it would go away but it didnt. I already lost a bit of health in battle, and hopefully when i go lower than 229, my health wont stay that way. But it is a major annoyance and defect.... EDIT: My health went lower...
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    Am I the only person who hasn't completed Kingdom Hearts?

    Re: Am I the only person.... I beat mine in a...week, and I beat half of Expert mode in 5 days... Though I said I beat it, To get all the things, and to get the best stats and highest level took me a looong time. Though, it must really be horrible stopping rightt there cause its scratched
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    Favorite World in Kingdom Hearts

    Re: whats your favorite place un kh Coliseum Was the best, you get to fight Sephiroth B )
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    Cloud can be in your party?

    Re: Cloud??? I did, nothing happens (Im pretty sure, Cant remember to clearly) Evertyhings the same
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    'mature' heartless.

    *Sigh* People like Dark, and are more appealing to darkness, for some reason, alot of people like it that way, so, Square makes it dark, and evil so that it appeals to high demand. Might I add again.. Disney would no care, they are not making the game, and they do not want to have there logo...
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    Who is the better Keyblade wielder?

    Re: who is better ... As for coolest character, Sephiroth, even though he had a small part, he was very cool.
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    E3 Is Fast Approaching: High Expectations(kind of)

    Im expecting good things from these trailers, and im *hoping* for a sort of layout of when KH2 might come out... I have one question though: What the hell is Jump Festa? Ive heard of it everywhere, ive tried searching, though i dont know who are what it is, mind giving an explanation?
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    CoM/KH 2 Poem...from Namine's point of view?? NEW THEORY!!!

    hmm... This is very intresting, might I say *applauds* It all seems to fit into place, and I cant find a whole anywhere, Good job figuring this out.
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    Who here thinks Larxene is hot?

    She is hot, but if she was unpixalised on those sprites, it would have been better.
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    You Know You've Played Too Much KH When...

    ~Get jello and turn it into a cactuar gummi-ship (Its my pride and joy... But I ate it..) ~When you go inside people houses, steal their housekeys and say that people will never unlock that door again... (Only once...)