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    I figured out what KH3D stands for*

    If you put that way then am convinced, although I still don't get why Riku would be in his KH1 form. I don't think Sora's going to dream about him too!
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    I figured out what KH3D stands for*

    I have to disagree with you, Sora was preparing to leave in the secret ending so there's no way he suddenly goes to sleep and dreams about all this (I say sleep because they're in their KH1 form, but who knows) I just hope its before, I've had enough of all the side games. (and the side game...
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    What will you do before BBS's release?

    I'm traveling to Malaysia so I think I'll be able to keep my mind off of KH for a while. By the time am back it'll be september anyways so I don't really have to wait.
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    I figured out what KH3D stands for*

    Not really, the game can reveal way more than we expect it to. Maybe, just maybe Riku came across Aqua in the realm of darkness, or maybe Sora had to dream of whatever research Ansem put in him inorder for his body to accept it even if he wouldn't remember it. I know my reasons aren't very solid...
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    BBS NA Secret Boss Theory [and possibly a whole new outlook to BBS's Secret Ending]

    ^^ Yea I agree with you, her armor is probably a weakened sentiment. Otherwise how would Xemnas know that Ven's chamber is specifically in CO.
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    TAV Keychains~

    wow how shiny!!!! :D I want terras keychain, its so perfect!!!
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    What do you think Kairi's Grandmother would sound like in BBS?

    yea I think she's gonna sound like a regular woman, only because she barely makes an appearance in the game, so they're probably not going to hire another VA for her and instead use anyone else...
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    Europe website update

    I like!! the new layout looks very neat, way better than the US website :)
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    I figured out what KH3D stands for*

    Wow, great theory. Atleast that explains why they're still young in KH3D... Although something doesn't make sense to me, how is this the next major installment in the KH series?!
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    Complete collection of Birth by Sleep cutscenes. High quality / downloadable.

    Thank you so much, this is so cool i've been looking forward to it...
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    Xehanort Reports

    http://forums.khinsider.com/spoilers/143625-master-xehanort-s-reports-roughly-translated-spoilers-plenty.html Might as well use the search button next time...
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    (Spoilers) Reconnect? Coded?......

    The real question is do YOU have any proof?? You're almost confirming stuff, am denying them, the person confirming is the one who should have proof.
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    (Spoilers) Reconnect? Coded?......

    OMG!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE, how many times do I have to remind you people that reconnect meant for us to reconnect what we already know about kingdom hearts to connect everything together as the story has greatly expanded through bbs. Why the HELL is everyone thinking its the next...
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    Whose ending has shocked you most?

    I have to say Aqua's ending shocked me the most, I mean I did expect her to live, but not do all she did, she did more good than any other character so far, even more than Sora did.
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    Reconnect being the final one?

    Reconnect kingdom earts was never confirmed to be the last kingdom heart game, let alone a kingdom hearts game in the first place. I can't see why people are assuming stuff already. Reconnect kingdom hearts basically meant to reconnect everything we know of so far in the KH series, and not to...
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    BBS Boxart Contest Winner Is...

    Congratz to everyone, though honestly I like tomokii's the most!!
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    (Spoilers) Frequently Asked Birth by Sleep Questions

    Re: Frequently Asked Birth by Sleep Questions umm, I think u'll take back what you said after you see how tough he is, one touch, and ur sent to the graveyard.
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    ONLYYYYY 111111 ?!!! So much for my secret super boss...Sigh*, anyway I still hope he punishes me till I have to throw the UMD around...(Which I often do ;D )
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    Thanks a bunch!!! And no, am not really willing to go over all the pages of the thread if am not even sure if someone posted it!! Then again, THANKS!!! And he doesn't look all that cool, I just hope he's REALLYY REALLY DIFFICULT... I want to feel punished when I get to him!! :D
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    Can someone please post a pic of him??!! Last request, pretty please!!