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    Remember Me?

    Wow this place brings back memories, I was a massive forum go-er here from around 2005-8 and figured the grown up version of me should probably pop in and say hi again! It's been far too long and I somehow remember some of the usernames still active have become key members of staff (I'm looking...
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    Fallen Soldier [Sonnet]

    The words of the dead ring in my eardrums Their shrill screams haunt my ev'ry waking thoughts As I lay dying, staring at the sun Wondering 'bout battles I hath not fought Crimson blood trickles down my exposed leg As pale colours dash across my cold eyes like a deer prancing near the...
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    Help/Support ► dot dot dot

    If you had any true emotions for her, you'd respect her parent's decision as legally she is under their jurisdiction.
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    [GIFTS] Secret Santa 2008

    Well yeah, 9 of the 11 entrants have submitted there pieces for Secret Santa. I don't know where the others are so apologies to the two users who are missing out. You can pester the members who were supposed to make the tags for you, or they could post here once they've finished (which better be...
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    Help/Support ► 'Always Been Curious About This -

    Yes But Buridan's Ass kicks in and you end up stranded, confused and directionless. Severing emotional ties with both is the only rational way forward thereafter
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    Help/Support ► May I have your opinion

    It's because you were too busy watching Naruto to notice her advances
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    Help/Support ► Girl issues again

    She's planning on going after someone else, and using you as an intermediary 'elevator of self confidence' on her behalf. She sounds like a cocktease though
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    R.I.P. Free Radical :(

    Because Timesplitters: Future Perfect was the best console FPS ever. And it had monkeys, with guns (we'll ignore the fact that they made haze) Disturbance In The Workforce: Free Radical Shuts Down bawl now kthnx
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    Album(s) of the Year

    Because it's near enough the end of the year to make this a worthwhile list. Basically give a list of the best album(s) you've acquired over the year which were released this year and say what makes them AoTY worthy 1) Thrice - The Alchemy Index Vols III+IV Air and Earth - Lyrically awesome...
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    you're a bum, you're a punk, you're an old slut on junk

    because christmas music is awesome go
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    Help/Support ► so I'm atheist/agnostic now, and

    pascals wager ftw lulz at your mothers responses though
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    lulz scrabble swearing

    Mother's fury over Nintendo Scrabble game that taught her son swear words | Mail Online Got link from somewhere else, don't for one minute assume i'd go on the Daily Mail website off of my own volition...
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    Help/Support ► Erasure

    Substance Dualism <_< The concept of focussed relaxation however is something i'll try.
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    Help/Support ► Erasure

    In short i've established that however much I like this specific girl, i understand that it will never work out in a relationship, partly because we're flatmates and we're going to live together for the next two years or so, and partly because I don't wish to upset the strong balance of...
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    Help/Support ► A little help

    There's no way on earth you'd gain the skills to create a program like Photoshop in a semester, it takes dozens of developers a considerable amount of time (i.e. years) to develop something as intricate as that. Photoshop is actually really easy to teach yourself, it's not as difficult as...
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    so hai i'm a shitty advert that makes noise

    that jungle thing (usually on forum home page) annoys the hell out of me, especially when listening to music and it just resonates, ruining song flow. Anywho shit sux can we get rid??
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    Tis a bit of a long'un folks. Just wrote this for University Student Arts Event this evening, it's basically a dramatic monologue about a guy who has a weird evening. Always imagine there is someone else who the guy is having a conversation with... Be warned, this piece contains a lot of...
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    Help/Support ► Stressed with...

    Please get this trite out of this section, no one really gives a shit about how your life references that of a fictional character. 1) Do the homework, life isn't the garden of eden so buckle up and do it... 2) Ignore the other shit, it'll die down within a few hours - a couple of days maximum...
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    Help/Support ► Please read if you own KH2FM+

    Uuuh wrong forum, it says in big letter 'Non Kingdom Hearts' on the list at the top of the page... SwapMagic however should not mess up your system unless you've been messing around with it too much. On the fat PS2s it's a doddle to use the SwapMagic tool and shouldn't cause any problems. The...
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    Help/Support ► a not-so big problem

    Re: a problem that might need help from those with alot of expirience He's using you as a scapegoat because he's only just realised the severity of his actions...likely caused by immaturity on his scope. Wait it out, but in all honesty I can't see this ending well...