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  1. Pestilence

    What would you change about the KH1 story?

    I guess to this point I would make Captain Hook a dual battle with a threatening boss heartless kinda like Clayton summoned by Maleficent or something akin to that. I actually really like the idea of Hook's unique "power" within the story being that his ship is basically a big vessel that can...
  2. Pestilence

    What would you change about the KH1 story?

    Kinda nitpicky and I don't know the exact details how I would do it but I would put Jafar as a boss towards much later in the game. Optimally as the penultimate Disney villain to fall before Maleficent. In silly powerlevel logic in my head it was always weird to me how Jafar is the first one to...
  3. Pestilence

    Is it true that kh fans think this?

    There is no correct "real fan" opinion. I have been on KH train since day 1 when KH1 launched, I thought KH3 was mediocre and dissapointing. I know people who are longtime KH fans that love KH3. It's no stranger than the older question wether you prefer KH1 or KH2. There are many different...
  4. Pestilence

    “I was today years old when I learnt...” - the personal KH discoveries thread

    Over the years KH1 has provided so many of these for me that I expected the well to run dry by now. Well nope. Turns out when visiting Neverland Sora literally loses his shadow and only regains it after defeating the Shadow Sora boss. Your shadow will remain lost even if you exit the world. I...
  5. Pestilence

    News ► Day 1 Patch for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX Confirmed

    The stutter issue in english version is really shameful so hopefully they will patch it. Save crashing should be second on the list, even if it's rare after the latest patch and lastly would be the Xemnas RC. All other issues are very minor in comparison.
  6. Pestilence

    ENGLISH 1.5 + 2.5 suffering from cutscene stutter and other oddities?

    Good thing they didn't outsource the ports to actually competent developer.
  7. Pestilence

    Let's ponder about 1.5+2.5 on the PS4

    Considering they are PS2 remasters I expect it to run at native 4K on Pro and that to be the only real difference (it's not like there is a lot to tinker with even if they wanted). If you have a 1080p monitor it would downsample the game and look super sharp but I would hope the normal PS4...
  8. Pestilence

    Will it get delayed now

    Well sure, It is new content but it's still assets and workhours already spent on KH3 and a very small portion of the package. If DDD is around 25 hours long (and this is not doing everything there is), 0.2 is 2 hours long and BC is 1 hour long that makes DDD amount just below 90% of the content...
  9. Pestilence

    Will it get delayed now

    When looking at the new work done for 2.8 it's a far cry from a full game. The budget for something like 2.8 would be miniscule compared to anything else Square has produced this year including crap like Star Ocean or even I am Sentsuna. That is why it actually has a chance of not getting...
  10. Pestilence

    Will it get delayed now

    Probably but only by 1 month to move it away from XV. It's harder to say because 2.8 is mostly just a remaster, if it was a bigger title like KH3 it would 100% get pushed back. Just saying that don't be surprised if it does get delayed because of XV. At the very least it will be moved from Dec...
  11. Pestilence

    KH 2.8 E3 2016 Trailer Confirms Worldwide December 2016 Release

    Re: Aqua Reveals Her Face In New Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Trailer Only the spanish one is 2017, maybe they will dub it to appeal to latin american market too? Not that I have any idea if they would benefit from universal spanish dub, accents and all.
  12. Pestilence

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Still On Track For 2016 Release in NA/Europe

    Seems fake to me. There is nothing that is too hard to fake. Also every trailer from HD collections has the title first and then the footage, in this it goes from 0.2 title to DDD footage. Also what kind of friggin early screening for employees would clap like that?
  13. Pestilence

    Why Xehanort is back to his normal self in 3d and not in Terra's body theory

    Personally I think it's the same thing as when Ansem was posessing Riku. MX just chooses to show his true appearance while still being inside Terras body.
  14. Pestilence

    (Both collections) How many of you...

    I watched them both and unsurprisingly they were total garbage. But to be fair, to make something like Coded into a good ''movie'' is impossible task unless heavily reworked.
  15. Pestilence

    Famitsu Interview with Nomura - Kingdom Hearts 2.8 to use KH3 tech

    Because the same people are working on both. If you are working on something for 0.2 it means you aren't working on KH3. That is the precise reason why it will be so short. Also even demos that contain the same content as the main game take surprising amount of work to get out.
  16. Pestilence

    Famitsu Interview with Nomura - Kingdom Hearts 2.8 to use KH3 tech

    Be careful what you wish for. More content in 0.2 means development time away from KH3. If it was going to be multiple hours long with multiple areas it would require significant work. Short 30min-1h taste in one area is more than enough for me. The downside is that SE uses this to justify the...
  17. Pestilence

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX not a big seller in the UK

    I doubt anyone who follows UK charts expected a PS3 exclusive to do anything over there. It was dead on arrival. In addition in Japan it only sold like 60%~ of what 1.5 did so it will be a big drop from that worldwide. Don't expect it to do much better in America.
  18. Pestilence

    Dream Drop Distance HD Confirmed in X[chi]?

    I think for the last 10 years Kingdom Hearts has always been present at Jump Festa. Would be funny to see them break the tradition tho, especially when they have an announced KH game in the works with last trailer being over a year old. I do expect DDD HD to be there. Best excuse for not having...
  19. Pestilence

    Trophy stack?

    They do stack. So only one playtrough on critical is enough.
  20. Pestilence

    2.5 Japanese sales numbers are out

    And it didn't do good at all. Famitsu numbers for 2.5 first week: 85.354 Famitsu numbers for first week of 1.5 were 131.940 That's a whooping 45.000 drop. And it will probably be even worse in the west since it's a PS3 only release and that market isn't exactly doing well these days :( I'm...