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  1. Roxas9001

    Which are you more excited for?

    KH2FM in general, I can finally get an actual challenge outta KH2.
  2. Roxas9001

    Translation company interested in the Ultimania guides

    The Japanese translation and publishing company Interbooks Co. LTD is looking for new material to bring overseas. To gauge interest in an official translation of the Final Fantasy Ultimania books, a petition has been created by one of its employees...
  3. Roxas9001

    What was the point?

    of this guy again? The memory crap was a waste of time.
  4. Roxas9001

    Help/Support ► Anybody good at using HTML?

    I wanna know how to change my side bars from boring looking to something else & to add in gifs.
  5. Roxas9001

    Help/Support ► Anybody good at using HTML?

    Im trying to customize my Tumblr Page and I need some help. Thanks.
  6. Roxas9001

    1.5 HD Remix Announcement Said To Apply To Japan Only By SE Rep

    Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix announcement ‘only for Japan’ - Gematsu
  7. Roxas9001

    KH3D Ultimania Interviews + Famitsu Interview!

    Love how YMX was stripped of his time hax and badassness like that :mad:.
  8. Roxas9001

    Xemas's Dragon disinigrating in KHFM2 Secret Ending?

    I wish Ven was still left handed, way too many right handed keyblade users.
  9. Roxas9001

    KH3D Premiere Event Information!

    I hope not, hate those 2 dudes alot.
  10. Roxas9001

    Can Vanitas come back?

    Basically the Soul Cycle of FFIX or the Lifestream of FFVII.
  11. Roxas9001

    Dumb, Dumber and Dumberer Wishes and Improvements [aka let's get KH less DUMB than it is]

    I agree about Zidane but too bad they won't put in interesting characters.
  12. Roxas9001

    Help/Support ► Internet Help

    Do I need my router or just do some resetting on the laptop?
  13. Roxas9001

    Help/Support ► Internet Help

    We had comcast for a while til we moved, now we no longer have comcast but whenever I try to connect to the internet through WiFi on my laptop and ipod touch Im always redirected to the comcast activation page.
  14. Roxas9001

    Did anyone else love Ven?

    i don't like Ven due to his wimpyness he had and the unique ability to be beaten by anything(cutscene wise).
  15. Roxas9001

    Character vs Character(Spoilers for many things)

    I like debating about video games and such so I decided to do this. We can change characters every week, so we will do someone else next thursday. I wanna see some real reasons to why said person would win and not "(insert VG character here)" sucks or those things. First match will be Kratos...
  16. Roxas9001

    What KH1 had that KH2 didn't.

    KH1 had difficulty which KH2 lacked.
  17. Roxas9001

    Guess That Videogame Character

    Rules 1.Link Character in Spoiler 2.Hints are allowed 3.The guesser does next one. 4.If somebody answered right. Then Picture Giver Has to Confirm. 5.You have to say full name. [If character has full name] 6.Question Asking allowed
  18. Roxas9001

    Help/Support ► Transformation

    or u can always take steroids lol
  19. Roxas9001

    Spider-Man Black or White?

    Check this out Movie Talk: Twitter Campaign Wants 'Community' Actor to Be First Non-White Spider-Man
  20. Roxas9001

    MX and Ven's reaction to Vanitas's face(BBS Spoilers

    He probably was just a blank slate meaning that he didn't have a face.