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  1. KH_Is_Light_999

    KINGDOM HEARTS series releasing on Switch via cloud streaming on February 10th

    I just pre ordered the Integrum Masterpiece for my Switch. I’m so excited to play the entire Kingdom Hearts series with heavy lagging and internet connection errors! And I get a keyblade themed after the neon red and neon blue joy cons too! I wonder if this exclusive keyblade will simulate joy...
  2. KH_Is_Light_999

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS 20th anniversary trailer + event announced

    Wow! The announcements today are all so amazing! And now we get a teaser for a Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary event? What an incredible day!
  3. KH_Is_Light_999

    Kingdom Hearts Series Coming to Nintendo Switch as Cloud Versions

    I think this is incredible! It would have been ideal if they could have fully ported them, but I’m thankful that they’re even coming to Nintendo Switch at all.
  4. KH_Is_Light_999

    [Headcanon Theory] Possible Explanation of what's inside the Black Box.

    I think it sounds like a really cool theory. I must sound like a broken record, but it's true: we'll just have to wait and see. Still, I'm very impressed by this intricate and well thought out theory. It sounds like it could possibly happen, but (as I must have said way too many times now, lol)...
  5. KH_Is_Light_999

    The hate for nomura is getting old

    Thank you. I too worry extensively about what I post and how others may or may not react to it, so I too struggle with that. It’s okay if we don’t agree on everything; I’m glad we were able to connect a little on our struggles, though. It helps me feel better knowing that there’s others going...
  6. KH_Is_Light_999

    Help/Support ► I can't believe I'm making this thread..... (CONTENT WARNING)

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I struggle with mental illness myself, so I too struggle with deep depression, as well as anxiety and other things. I respect your religious beliefs too. My own religious beliefs are different regarding the topic. I don’t know if saying this is of any comfort, but I...
  7. KH_Is_Light_999

    The hate for nomura is getting old

    That’s fine that that’s your opinion, but nobody ever said you “had” to be grateful. I certainly didn’t say you had to do anything and I’m sorry you took it that way. I just mentioned that I see a lot of people who become so negative that it’s toxic is ungrateful in my own opinion. That’s what...
  8. KH_Is_Light_999

    The hate for nomura is getting old

    I just want to come out and say (although I’m scared to say it considering how hurtful some of the members of this website have been to me in the past): thank you for posting this. Thank you so, so much. I too think that the hate against Tetsuya Nomura is getting old, and quite frankly, I think...
  9. KH_Is_Light_999

    Local Fox news affiliate covers the Kingdom Hearts series being released on PC

    I think it’s cool that Fox News covered this! In my opinion, any good representation or coverage for the series is welcome. I hope we get at least a few new fans of Kingdom Hearts now that it’s available across PC, PlayStation 4/5, and even Xbox. I’m not expecting a groundbreaking amount of new...
  10. KH_Is_Light_999

    Any recommendation for a gaming PC?

    I have a question too that’s kind of related. What if I was already decided on purchasing a pre-built PC? Are there any good resources for help and info on that? Personally, I use a Mac right now as my computer, and although I love how easy it is to use, there are some games I would like to play...
  11. KH_Is_Light_999

    News ► Kingdom Hearts is coming to PC! Releasing March 30 exclusively on the Epic Games Store

    Wow! What a pleasant surprise! I'm not a PC gamer (I play on PS5 and Switch mostly), but I think it's fantastic that the entire Kingdom Hearts series is coming to PC! I think this is an excellent opportunity for the series to reach more people. I also think it's fantastic for PC gamers who...
  12. KH_Is_Light_999

    Dearly Beloved version from ReMind PS4 theme

    Yes, it took me awhile to discover that it was the version that played during the Secret Forest cutscene as well. I believe the official name of the rendition is “Dearly Beloved (Forest Memory)”. I used that theme for my PS4 from the day it came out and didn’t ever change it. That being said, I...
  13. KH_Is_Light_999

    Dearly Beloved, Dearly Departed - the KH voice actors who are no longer with us

    Yeah, it is kind of strange to see how many voice actors have played Master Xehanort. I personally feel like all his voiceovers have been pretty good, even if some of them sounded different from others. Also, just out of curiosity, is that the same Tom Kenny who voiced both Spongebob and Spyro...
  14. KH_Is_Light_999

    Nomura is 50 years old this month

    Happy Birthday Tetsuya Nomura! I can't believe he will be 50! It's amazing he's been doing this for so long (and so well, in my opinion). WIth his continuing work on the Kingdom Hearts series, as well as his contribution to Final Fantasy VII Remake, I really applaud him for all he has...
  15. KH_Is_Light_999

    News ► Preorder the KINGDOM HEARTS III OST on iTunes, 10 tracks available now for Apple Music subs

    I’m really happy that we finally get official Kingdom Hearts music on iTunes and Apple Music! Up until now it’s been third party renditions of Kingdom Hearts music (some of which were amazing, don’t get me wrong), but I can’t express enough how incredibly thankful I am that Yoko Shimomura’s (and...
  16. KH_Is_Light_999

    The next game in 2022?

    I think it's possible. It just depends on a lot of different factors. It's still possible in my opinion, however. I could easily see the next Kingdom Hearts game launching in 2022 if things go smoothly. I'm one of the people who feels that Square Enix has gotten a little better at announcing...
  17. KH_Is_Light_999

    The "Simple and Clean" Experiences That Keep Us Going

    Hi everyone. I had a Kingdom Hearts related experience at work the other day that I personally thought was neat. It helped me feel happy and helped me to keep going in life, like a lot of small and simple positive experiences do. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post something like...
  18. KH_Is_Light_999

    News ► Famitsu: KHMOM interview reveals no plans for DLC, no secret ending & more

    I’m super excited for Melody of Memory! This new information just makes me even happier! While I do wish we could get more new story details than what has been confirmed, I’m still very much looking forward to this entry. I’m excited to revisit different key points throughout the series in the...