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  1. CaptainKchuckles

    Help/Support ► Just Friends

    Follow your heart, bro. You'll be bullshitting yourself anytime you're around her if you don't get what is on your chest off.
  2. CaptainKchuckles

    Help/Support ► Need to get taller. :o

    Don't join the wrestling team. My brother and I had to cut weight every match, leading to us starving ourselves for most of our puberty years. That definitely had an effect on our heights in the end, we are both only 5'9". Definitely get the calories into your body while your in puberty.
  3. CaptainKchuckles

    Help/Support ► tell me i'm not being unreasonable

    I didn't even read the original post passed the first few sentences because I don't need to. You aren't unreasonable. Tell the person to Fuck off. I had a problem with an ex that wouldn't leave me alone after we broke up and there really isn't any getting through to some people. Just block the...
  4. CaptainKchuckles

    Question about Sora's Mother

    the one where i saw Sora mouth something was here. Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough Part 2 - Sora Vs Darkside - YouTube at around 3:45. Unless that's supposed to be over-the-top excitement.
  5. CaptainKchuckles

    Question about Sora's Mother

    I was browsing around the internet when i came across a link that tries to explain what happens with Sora's mother. Where are Sora Kairi and Riku's parents in Kingdom Hearts The second paragraph makes 1 interesting point that i hadn't noticed before, and that was that Sora says something, or...
  6. CaptainKchuckles

    Tetsuya Nomura in Iwata Asks! (Now with Translations!) *COMPLETE*

    Re: Tetsuya Nomura in Iwata Asks! (Now with Translations!) **Updated Truly appreciate you posting the interview. my heart lifts up when i see anything KH related.
  7. CaptainKchuckles

    Famitsu Gives KH3D 38/40 + Scans (Now with 100% more swag~)

    Re: Famitsu Gives KH3D 38/40! If they gave days a 36, i can't really trust the reviews lol. days was garbage, but i loved the story that went with it. But the game was such a drag...
  8. CaptainKchuckles

    What does KHI have planned for this week?

    In the short time i joined this community, i was bombarded with assignments from my university. Since it's my last semester i'm trying to take things seriously and not handing in anything late. (still doing everything the night before/day of the due date though) last week i had to pump out 3...
  9. CaptainKchuckles

    Help/Support ► I was invited to a birthday party tonight at 9pm

    I'd rather go to a bar than a club. Ask for bring a friend along and borrow 30 bucks from someone to knock back a few drinks. Beer will make the people you hate not a problem, you'll all be getting along by the end of the night. It's also practically impossible to be the guy who doesn't talk...
  10. CaptainKchuckles

    Finally enjoying a kingdom hearts community

    I've been looking to join a kingdom hearts community since barely anyone i know has played the games. Looking forward to talking about the series with the lot of you. As well as just joining a forum for the sake of joining a forum.